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Suffering Bastard Checkers!

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I hadn't picked up the mail for about a week, so I was pleasantly surprised to find the mother load of new catalogs! For once they were to my favor(why the hell do we receive 4 Lane Bryant catalogs, all in my name!?!?)New Archie Mcphee, Mo Hotta Mo Betta, Vintage Vending, Big & Tall, and the new After 5. Whoo-Hoo! I left the After 5 for last, and drooled over several new shakers I MUST have, and a Suh-weeet Tiki Lounge shirt I wished came in Big & Tall, when I came to the end and looked at the back cover. A Suffering Bastard Shot Glass Checkers Set!!! Thats right, 12 grotto green, 12 coconut brown 2 oz. glasses, paper umbrella for kinging, all on top of a hand painted mahogany board with rattan trim and bamboo feet! All yours for only $129.95. What a time to be unemployed. D'oh!

Here's the direct link to the page on After 5's online catalog.

$130 seems high to some, but since these are Tiki Farm's shot glasses that retail for $5 each, the price actually adds up to about the same as if you purchased all the pieces separately, including the checkerboard.


I thought that Tiki Farm stopped making the Sufferin B shots in one of those glazes...are they still making both?



They shot the photo in the old brown glaze - it is discontinued and the set will come in the new brown glaze!

Pages: 1 3 replies