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Kanaloa, Glasgow, Glasgow, UK (bar)

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Name:Kanaloa, Glasgow

Kanaloa in Glasgow is part of the same group that opened Kanaloa in London.
Unlike most other bars it is situated in a building that houses a variety of clubs and bars under one roof including an 80s style disco and Lucky Voice Karaoke.
It is a fairly small bar slit over a main floor and mezzanine.
Serves mostly the same menu as London, with many of the drinks in Tiki Mugs.
Interior designed and fitted by CheekyTiki
Menu again designed by Tiki racer


Oooooo, lookin' good! I'm planning to have a nosey at this place tomorrow. Is there a happy hour like in London? I suspect such shenanigans are already banned in uber-nanny-state Scotland!

Tiki bars in Scotland really are like the old waiting for a bus analogy.

Nice work Jamie & Cheeky Tiki. Looks cool. Liking the tapa cloth.

Oh ambassadors of Tiki's culture, oh builders of Tiki's temples: Where are you in his homeland !!?

(no disrespect to Ben, Amy, Tiki No and others here who ARE building, but who would do more so if they could)

Amen Sven!

Great job once again cheekytiki!


my god it looks fantastic. Those tiki poles are amazing !

Indeed, but they could use some spot lights on them.

Jamie, I wanna see a close up of that cool headhunter display case!

Do you take any installation photos?


Hubby and I went along to Kanaloa around 5.30 yesterday after work. After walking through a snooty-looking bar and going up the stairs we found this new tiki mecca - hurray! Grabbed a table and perused the menu but something wasn't right - nosebleed dance music blasting so loud we couldn't hear eachother. Darn. Then a guy came up to us and it took a couple of attempts before I could hear him say they weren't open until 8.Jeez. Not a great after-work drinking place then! We just went to the Tiki Bar and Kitsch Inn instead and had a blast.

Maybe the music changes when the place actually opens, maybe it's more a nightclub than a casual bar? Anyway, the decor in real life is truly gorgeous, I love the huge cluster of fishing floats. Maybe we'll go back another time, but some more info re. hours on the website would be helpful - maybe it's open earlier Saturdays?

As for happy hour, I was right - such promotions have been banned in Scotland. Then again, Kanaloa Glasgow wasn't even open during London's happy hour!

Unfortunately, our friends from Cheekytiki (who posted this thread) only BUILD these amazing Tiki temples. They are not the owners and they do not run them. They don't set the opening times or select the music. Also, as far as I understand they ADVISE in terms of the cocktail menu, working in conjunction with some experienced mixologists, but for example what rum these places use - good or cheap- is at the owners' discretion. Their clientele has no ability to discern the difference, anyway.

To the credit of the proprietors, they must know what they are doing in the nightclub business if they can afford the cost of having places like this built. I don't know any restaurateur here who would pony up that kinda dough for Tiki.

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Oh, absolutely I understand Cheekytiki isn't involved in the management of the bar :)

I think the one in London is something to do with one of Girls Aloud, who don't make exotica records :wink:

Just disappointing it doesn't seem to follow the opening times of Kanaloa London, and obviously the happy hour thing is beyond anyone but the Scottish Government's control. Maybe hours will extend at some point? I'm sure I saw something about lunch on the reservations page.


yeah, maybe we should bring our ipod when we visit these tiki bars :wink: . Dance music can kill the mood.

Hey all,

Just a quick reply -

Kanaloa Glasgow is yea a sister venue to the original Kanaloa London, I can assure you the above comments regarding the music were when the bar was closed and the bartenders were prepping for service, the music policy is actually hugely varied and in true tiki style has the most obscure and obscenely out there tracks, mixes of the beachboys and Katy perry have been heard within our 4 walls!!

As in London Kanaloa Glasgow is all about laid back fun with very premium products and explosive cocktails :wink:

If you are interested in becoming a VIP member of Kanaloa please drop me an email at [email protected]

And finally please find us on facebook for upcoming events and invites


The Captain

This Kanaloa closed in January 2016. There are several other Kanaloa locations now though.

(Please mark defunct.)

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