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Hawaii Drive In, Royal Oak, MI (restaurant)

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Name:Hawaii Drive In
City:Royal Oak

I have known about the menu for this location for a long time now but have found not one mention of it any where. I have been searching the web and came up with a big zero. The first image is from Arkiva Tropika and is tagged as being from the forties. The menu has an image by Savage on the cover. I was hoping that some more info would come to the surface as to see if the location was a full blown Hawaiian style drive in or maybe it lasted into the age of Polynesian-pop which swept the country. I thought I would post it here and see if anyone had any information. Thanks.

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Dusting this old thread off. I have been in contact with the Royal Oak historical society in the hope they may be able to shed some light on the location. As of yet they have no info but are going to dig a little deeper on the subject. These groups can be a big help when you can't get to the town to do the research yourself. I'll post any info that turns up. Keeping my fingers crossed.

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