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Tahiti Apts, Lodi, CA (apartments)

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Name:Tahiti Apts
Street:508 W. Elm St.

Small vintage Polynesian style apartment complex.

Yesterday I was on my way through central Lodi when I spotted a huge Sago palm. I slowed down a bit and turned my head and saw a Tiki behind a bush! My jaw dropped in disbelief! I quickly pulled over for further inspection. There I found an undocumented Tiki Temple complete with two vintage decaying Tikis and a sign saying "Tahiti Apts".

It was hard to believe, right here under my nose all this time. I had been to the local library before and never found any reference to any Tiki type apartments.

I returned today with my camera to properly document this wonderful discovery. This day in age it is almost unheard of to find an undocumented tiki temple of any sort with vintage tikis still intact and on display.

Sago palm that caught my eye.

Tiki on the right.

Tiki on the left.

Close up of Tiki on the left.

Close up of Tiki on the left.

Old light fixture in front of Tiki on the right.

Apartment sign complete with shield.

View from across the street, tikis in the shadows.

Nice style for the Tikis! Love that elongated look! Amazing they are still there.

Nice find Abstract! Great to see those old Tikis still there.


Great find Abstract - it goes to show there is always more out there to find. Those tikis are great but could use some restoration.


Wow! Congrats on an awesome vintage tiki unearthing... and practically in your own backyard! Amazing find, and that you were tipped of by a palm tree... incredible! You are like the Indiana Jones of urban archeology!

Keep them tiki finds comin', everybody appreciates your hard work!

Mahalo Tobunga, TB, DC and Big Bro for your comments on this new discovery. The search for America's lost tiki culture continues...

Thanks David! I love hearing about your adventures. Lost but now found. I wonder who carved those.

Thanks JT, when I photographed them I looked all around the tikis especially in the back and lower parts for any kind of initials or name of the carver. I didn't find any, I didn't see a date either.

I researched google news and only came up with this tenant wanted add from the Lodi News Sentinel in 1965.

We just stumbled onto these wonderful tiki on 3/7/13. So we checked and found your thread. What a fun find. Wendy

Those ARE really cool Tikis!

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