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The Hut, Tucson, AZ (bar)

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Name:The Hut
Street: 305 N Herbert Ave
Phone:+1 (520) 623-3200

This place rocks! Live Music kick ass Bloody Mary's and Blue Hawaiians! Completly tiki inside and out.

Dagg posted on Fri, Jan 11, 2013 3:56 PM

Does anyone know if this place is worth a visit?
Scores a 5.6 on Crititki...


Maybe we'll make a trip to Tuscon on vacation in a couple weeks. If so I'll post feedback. We were't all that impressed with the other Tiki bar (Kon Tiki) - but up for checking out some new drinks!

"Worth a visit" is all relative, it depends on what you value: Are you a Tiki consumer, or a Tiki archeologist? Do you prefer new party joints or old dives? Do you appreciate history more, or must the drinks be up to big city craft cocktailian standards?

Too bad cool old tiki places and great tiki drinks can't go hand in hand.
Usually its not so.

I go to the Hut to see the giant moai and the mug collection,
walk up the street to Lindy's burgers http://www.lo4th.com/
for a great burger, then check out the old downtown stores.

then go to Kon Tiki for dinner,
and have a beer.


Dagg posted on Sun, Jan 13, 2013 7:33 PM

Thanks for the replies, definitely not into a party scene.. More into cool decor 1st good drinks 2nd.
I have a week in Tuscon in april and I don't golf. Plan on hitting Kon Tiki at least twice on weekdays, and thought I'd try this place as well.

when going to Kon Tiki,
eat, drihnk, and pay bill and leave before 8 pm.
You do not want to be there when the music changes from Hawaiian, to Hip Hop,
and the Brotards and party girls come rollin in, gettin outta limos etc.


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