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Flaming Bull Steakhouse, Port Vila, Vanuatu (restaurant)

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Name: Flaming Bull Steakhouse, Vanuatu
Type: Restaurant
Street: Lini Highway
City: Port Vila
Country: Vanuatu
Phone: +678 27716
Status: operational

A steakhouse serving a hearty range of grilled and fried food, seafood, salads etc. Attached is the Ned Kelly Bar, an Australian pub. They serve Tusker Beer and do cocktails too. Friendly, efficient staff. The clients are mainly expatriates and tourists. There are harbour views, and the building is literally a stone's throw from the water's edge.

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Some photos:

Daytime shots:

Night-time shots:

I had a Blue Lagoon, which was a bit watery, but it may just be because ice melts very quickly in that climate.

The Ned Kelly Bar:




Cool place...but the Wanganui Social Club is still the coolest!

Sadly however, the Wanganui Savage Club doesn't have a harbour view (no windows), and they don't serve Tusker Beer... :(


What kind of man drinks Tusker Beer!?

The most interesting man in the world. At museums he is allowed to touch the art. Sharks have a week dedicated to him....

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