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Tiki, Flygrestaurangen, Bromma, Stockholm, Sweden (restaurant)

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Name:Tiki, Flygrestaurangen, Bromma
Street:Bromma Airport

Flygrestaurangen at Bromma airport was a classic restaurant in Sweden. In 1962 they opened a extra room named Tiki with room for around 60 guests, with polynesian and oriental decor (most of it bought in London after some disappointing search for artifacts at real exotic locations). A giant tiki, 4 meters tall and 400kg massive wood, was commisioned from China and brought there by plane. The Tiki was nick-named Petsson (likely named after one of the first airplanes in Sweden). This information comes from "Fröken, får jag be om matsedeln", a book on classic Swedish restaurants. A surviving Swizzle stick indicate that they also served cocktails. This place was likely the first tiki-establishment in Sweden.

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Here is the swizzle stick. The little picture shows the backof the tiki, with the restaurant name.

Some more info in the original post http://www.tikicentral.com/viewtopic.php?topic=1099&forum=5&vpost=503608

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I've decided to put some effort into finding some more info... so far nothing... I've been in contact with:

Michael Sanz - author of a book on Bromma Airport

At the moment I'm waiting for answer from:

SAS Museum Oslo
ABA-SAS Flyghistorisk Förening - the society behind ABA-SAS Historical Collection

I will also try to get in touch with:

Ove Pihl - author of the book in which there is an interview with
Erik Holmberg - chef at Bromma Airport during the alleged tiki period.

Fingers crossed!

Good Luck, Magnus!

I've been intrigued by this place as well, ever since Fritiof Andersson posted that description and the photo of that unique swizzle.

Zeta posted on Thu, Jan 26, 2012 2:07 PM

Super cool!
Good luck Nordic friends and thanks for sharing!

I sent an inquiry to the Swedish Museum of Architecture, and they just answered that they have a number of interior photographs of the airport but couldn't promise that they have what I'm looking for. I have been invited to their archive and will go there when I find the time. To be continued...

Here's a matchbox (unfortunately without matches) which I found at an antiquary in Finland.



This photo of the interior I found online.


Here's a menu from 1969 scanned by Måltidsakademiens menysamling in Grythyttan, Sweden

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