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Tahonga, at hotel St Jörgen, Malmö, Sweden (bar)

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Name:Tahonga, at hotel St Jörgen
Street:Stora Nygaten 35

Tahonga was a well known hotel piano bar in Malmö, Sweden, from 1980 to 2005. Although the interior was rather slick, there were exotic decoration that changed over the years. Originally there where tikis but these where stolen, later there where zebra-patterned sofas and large rattan lamps shaped like parrots and elephants. Importantly they served exotic drinks, Mai Tai, A version of the Zombie and many more with tiki-sounding names. Tahonga in Malmö was a place were most famous Swedish people from Olof Palme to the Cardigans, had been. In the 90s it enjoyed a local revival, was mentioned in pop-songs (Such as Army of Lovers: Walking with a Zombie) etc. It seems this revival never connected with the international tiki-community or even tiki-philes in Stockholm. Perhaps they did not count it as a tiki-bar because the decor etc did not really compare to American polynesian palaces.

I was actually in Malmö about 3 years ago (had one of my most memorable meals there - which is saying something). I certainly would have visited this place had it been open. It would be great if someone can find some photos.

The Mellow tiki room in Stockholm is pretty cool. I hope to visit again some day.

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