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Tahonga bar, at P.L.M, Paris, France (bar)

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Name:Tahonga bar, at P.L.M
Street:St Jacques 17

The year is 2011 A.D. There was never any (pre-revival) tiki in all of Gaul. All? Not quite! A hotel-bar, Tahonga, inhabited by indomitable Gauls is holding up against the myth of french un-tikiness. Life is not easy for a foreign urban archaeologist stationed in Stockholm when it comes to researching this lead further. The hotel, P. L. M. (later Pullman) seems to have opened around 1972, a giant ultramodernistic place. The piano bar Tahonga is mentioned as a jazz place in a few hits on the web, and as a place for cocktails in a few old tourist guides. Because of the connection with Tahonga in Stockholm and Malmö, who had the same owner, it is highly likely that faux tropical mixology was practiced also here. No pictures found yet. We can’t expect a polynesian palace at this location, but it looks like this is the first pin on the, as yet, white tiki-map of France!

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Fritiof Andersson - that's a very nice thread intro, in the style of Uderzo/Goscinny... May I venture a guess that we are both fans of the most amazing Gauls to have ever walked among men? See pic below...

Please send some interior pics if you visit Tahonga, and let us know how the drinks are. So glad to hear that tiki is present in Paris.

Yes, I used to read Asterix and Obelix a lot! :D
This Tiki-bar was there in the seventies. I assume it closed long ago. The menu is the only visual material found so far!

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