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The Warehouse, Marina Del Rey, CA (restaurant)

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Name:The Warehouse
Street:4499 Admiralty Way
City:Marina Del Rey

Beachbum Burt Hixson’s First Warehouse, opened in 1969.

The Warehouse

We have this thread about an updated cocktail menu which apparently didn't stick :lol: and this thread on the no longer operational Newport Beach Warehouse but it's time for the Official Warehouse Marina Del Rey thread.

Who's got anything on the short lived Warehouse in West Covina?

Bora Boris,

Timely post after the Westside Nautical Bar Crawl. Looks like you are putting the new camera to good use.

You can still get this old postcard at the front stand of the restaurant, I picked up a few last night.

Who ya gonna call?

Here is the vintage menu from Marina Del Rey that I posted previously.

You got an extra one of those matchbooks?


Here is another postcard from my collection with a rendering of The Warehouse restaurant in Marina Del Rey.

And a photo of some urban archeologists looking for the lone Tiki at the Warehouse courtesy of Captain R. H. Falenum.


The restaurant maintains its incredible lagoon like facade, yet
the Tiki-torches did not light. Most disappointing.

I don't like the sound of this - "Dated Marina del Rey to get a modern makeover""Parts of the marina remain trapped in era when kitschy nautical and Polynesian themes were in vogue. Now county planners are pushing to make it relevant once more."


In my opinion the main problem is the Marina is a pain in the butt to get to and to park and then it's not cheap. I'd suggest ditching Valet Parking, updating menus and bringing in entertainment that doesn't suck before changing any of the structures.

Yeah, "modern" often gets fleshed out as crap.

On the other hand, it's easy for me to suggest tossing in a "good tiki bar" with great food, great atmosphere, and great drinks. But it's just not that easy to hit it right.

The "county planners" hopefully are talking to developers who have a proven track record and who are savvy enough to engage some good consultants. It's not easy no matter what route they take.

The LA Times article this morning states that the Warehouse has a lease that runs out in 2022. Hopefully it'll stick around in something resembling its curent classic form, at least until 2022. But methinks the writing is on the wall and the days are numbered for this creaky relic. Even the current owners acknowledged it.

One of the best escapist destinations in LA.
I love walking over the lagoon to get into the restaurant, even if the view is better from Whiskey Red's aka Shanghai Red's.

Some stuff from our Warehouse collection:

The flute is made from bamboo out of the front grove by junk artist Peter Dean Stanford. He has an arrangement with The Warehouse to thin out the deadwood. And playing it, it really is -- in more ways than one -- "the sound of tiki"!

By the way, did anyone from TC go to The Warehouse's 45th anniversary party last November?

They had a $19.69 dinner menu with "favorite entrees of the past," but best of all Burt Hixson was there! We'd love to have a chance to talk to him!



We went Saturday night for the first time. Fun place. Food was great. The band was playing R&B rather than something more "tiki," but they were good so we enjoyed ourselves. And finally got that barrel mug

Looks like at 50th Anniversary Party for the Warehouse on November 6th from 6:30 - 9:30

Features free champagne toast & birthday cake, surprise guests, a raffle, and Rick Whitfield entertainment.

Also November 6 – 30 A special “$19.69 menu” (in addition to regular menu) features our House specialties created from 1969 to the present day, and nightly choice of $19.69 red or white wines.

I believe this is where a scene from the Netflix show Dead To Me was filmed. I found a couple pics on the IMDB page of the episode. It was a fairly long interior scene. Season 1, episode 4.

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