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Happy Birthday Congawa May 15th!

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Brent, distinguished member of the Ding Dong Devils is turning 24! (wait did I transpose those numbers?)

Happy Birthday to a prolific musician, cinefile, rum connoisseur, patron of the arts and all around Bon Vivant. :)

Sir, you are a gentleman and a scholar. We look forward to getting you drunk and taking you for a ride in "The Van". :wink:

ATP sez: "I hope you look good in a rubber dress".

Best Wishes,
Jungle Ginger & Atomic Tiki Punk

"Zed is Dead Baby"

Happy Birthday Congawa! I have been listening to the DingDongDevils CD for a while now
and really enjoy it, some of the kids at my Dojo heard it and asked who was I listening to.

I hope to meet you when I can get down to Don the Beachcomber,have a great Birthday!


Happy Birthday, Brent!


Happy Birthday Congawa, I mean CalTiki, I mean Brent.

In all the areas of geekdom, i.e. Tiki, Film Noir, Pre-Code, Surf music, Punk Rock, Spirits (not just Rum), etc. I bow down to your encyclopedic and comprehensive knowledge.

And you play in a band !! :)


Mahalo! I appreciate it, and plan to extend the celebrating to next weekend and Tiki Caliente!

Caltiki Brent

Today is the day! Happy Birthday Brent. :)

See you at Don's tomorrow.

Best Wishes from Jungle Ginger & Atomic Tiki Punk

Happy B-day Brent,
Hope ya have a Great one.


It's Brent's Birthday today, Happy Birthday Buddy!
we will celebrate at Caliente this upcoming weekend.


Happy B-day Brent!


Hope your having a great Birthday Today, Brent!!!

HAH! ATP, I posted that pic on Brent's page on FB. Great minds think alike and, apparently so do twisted ones.

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