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Happy Easter(island)

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rubber stamps are FUN! especially the Tiki ones.. i crafted a card for the TikiCentralites!




Happy Easter to all Tiki aficionados

Amazing that the "discovery" of one of the most intriguing islands on the planet coincided with the annual observance of the resurrection of Jesus and all that...

Plus think of all those rabbits hopping around the Moai as well

I just think of it as Rapa Nui- but hey tomorrow's Easter so what the hell- there is a tiki tie-in there somewhere



Happy Easter to you too!

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Happy Easter everyone.

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No rabbits actually- just the polynesian rat, a few birds, sheep and some cannibals

Happy easter island

Has anyone looked into visiting Easter Island? I understand tourism is way up, and that the local folks have some nicely and competitively priced accommodations in their homes. It's on my bucket list to visit someday, and maybe to take a photo of me holding one of my moai mugs in front of a real moai.


I went about 3 years ago and had a great time. Stayed at a small "hotel" (it only had 2 or 3 rooms) -- arrived day one and relaxed. Day two took a tour of all the big sights. Day three rented a car and saw the rest of the island. Day four went back to Santiago in the afternoon. Small town on a small island, the four days was enough to see all the main stuff. You could of course stay longer for relaxing. But for me this was on the tail end of a longer trip that took me Argentina, Chile and Antarctica.

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Very nice, arriano. I think the day of renting a car and exploring independently is especially cool.

Ok, I'm sold, twice over... I see the value in making this part of a longer trip as well. You're already down there, might as well see some other things while you're in the neighborhood.

I went about 7 years ago and highly recommend it! I didn't have time for a full South American tour but spent a full week on the island. I was just thinking a couple days ago how much I want to go back.

One tip - if you're not used to it, be sure to practice driving a standard (stick-shift) vehicle before you go. Automatics aren't common and if you need one you might be outta luck.

Happy Easter (Island)

Happy Easter (Island) 2018

Happy Easter!


Welcome Back

Happy Easter ZIPPY

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I like these Easter Island comics.


Hamo posted on Tue, Apr 2, 2024 10:56 PM

Happy Easter, tiki people


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