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Lanai, Sacramento, CA (restaurant)

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Street:5675 Freeport Blvd
Phone:GArden 1-0709

Matchbook I found lists this as a restaurant selling Japanese, Hawaiian, Polynesian and American food and liquor. Oddly enough it appears this place was just a few doors down from The Zombie Hut, as the address for the Lanai is 5675 Freeport and The Zombie Hut was 5635 Freeport? Anyone know of a connection between these two places?




Nice find on the matchbook. I had clipped this matchbook image from the Sacramento Lanai.

It was located in Blomberg's center. Here is an old newspaper photo and story.

I think the building is still there and is now called the Lanai center.

And finally, a photo showing the interior of the Lanai!

And the story on the new owners.


Another newspaper photo showing the architectural rendering of the Blomberg Center.

Also found these photos on Flikr, looks like The Lanai later became Danny's Garden Restaurant.

Now that's a shame!



Thanks for posting and another reason for a trip over to Freeport to snap some pictures. By chance, do your newspaper clippings have a date on them??



Those images are from flickr.

The Lanai remodel article is dated October 20, 1956.

The Blomberg architectural rendering is dated March 11, 1950 and the Blomberg's opening article is dated August 5, 1950.

No dates on the Danny's photos.

I found a photo of the building that is now called the Lanai Shops. It looks like there is a Ming Garden restaurant there now.


I could not resist going on a little expedition today to see this old tiki temple. The place is in pretty bad shape. Some units are un occupied and it looks like it's been though some renovations over the years. I met a lady who owns a beauty salon just to the right of where the restaurant was. She said she had been there for years and named several restaurants that had been there but didn't remember the Lanai or Danny's. She did remember the Zombie Hut thow. At one time it was Porffi's I think she said and the latest was World Seafood and Sushi Buffet.

Here are some pics I took, the restaurant is out of business so i only got a few shots through the window of that.

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