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Beachcomber Lounge, Fairlee, VT (bar)

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Name:Beachcomber Lounge
Street:Bonnie Oaks Lodge

Here is another not-so-famous Tiki bar post for today. The Beachcomber Lounge was located in the Bonnie Oaks Lodge in Fairlee, Vermont, a somewhat rustic mountain resort.

Some postcards from my collection.

Not much in the way of Poly Pop on the outside...

except for the knock Don The Beachcomber sign over the door.

Palm Springs Don the Beachcomber sign for comparison.

Now we move into the Beachcomber lounge. A decidedly home-made job.

Tikis and Tapas and Fishnets

Bamboo Bar and some Plastic palm Trees

Lamps and a big clam shell and another Tiki.

Transformed from an old hunting lodge look (sound familiar, Hinky Dinks)

These places really show you how the Tiki-Poly Pop movement found its way into the nooks and crannies of America.


I know how they made those palm trees! :) I once made one myself, 35 years ago, for my first own pad, in Berlin:

Here is another corner of this basement room, I recently came upon this old Polaroid and was surprised to be reminded of how early I had experimented with faux tropical environs! :

This was 1976, a good 15 years before I ever knew anything about Tiki.

At some point I will re-post these in a thread that I am thinking of starting called "TIKI: Early beginnings and influences" where everyone can post pictures of things and places that relate to but are from before they found Tiki.

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