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The Luau Room Royal Nevada Las Vegas, Las Vegas, NV -closed (restaurant)

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Name:The Luau Room Royal Nevada Las Vegas
Street:3100 Las Vegas Boulevard South
City:Las Vegas

This tiki bar was located inside the Royal Nevada Casino. It opened approx. April of 1955.
Some general Royal Nevada history;The construction of Royal Nevada began on Dec. 1 1953. Designed by Paul Williams, in his 'Hollywood Modern' style, this Luxury-Motel opened on April 25, 1955.

Key elements of the Royal Nevada's design offerings were its front mounted fountain of curved neon tubing, the crown roadsign and roof mounted crown. The inside attractions were its 'Dancing Waters' fountain show, its Luau Room, Palm Room and Caberet Room. Under Stardust's ownership it was known for its Plantation Room & Moby Dick restaurant.

The Luau closed approximately 1958 when the Royal Nevada closed.
In 1959 the whole property became part of the Stardust. My guess is that this bar may have prompted the Stardust to open the Aku-Aku in 1960! More info coming...

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Some photos of the Royal Nevada at link below, but unfortunately don't see anything about Luau Room in them.


Nice stuff on that site! ....but please, somebody keep that person's curser away from the "Saturation" level control! :lol:

Here are a few items from the website that Mr. Smiley found the information on the Luau Room at the Royal Nevada. He asked me to post some screen grabs.

A little ad from the Luau Room

At least they used a different Tiki than Stephen Crane's Luau.

And a grand opening announcement with a story that references the Luau Room and the Palm Room.


Ok this is interesting...

A matchbook from the Royal Nevada

The back of the matchbook has a reference to the Luau in Beverly Hills. Makes you wonder if Steven Crane wasn't involved in this one too??


Very interesting!! Thanks DC!


Here are some interior shots!

Some close-up views;

Side View;

Great photos!


JOHN-O posted on Mon, Jun 6, 2011 9:49 PM

On 2011-05-31 18:13, Dustycajun wrote:
Ok this is interesting...

A matchbook from the Royal Nevada

What I find most interesting is that matchbook design is almost a precursor to the Stardust's original Mondo Atomic signage...


Here is a photo I got last Saturday- check out the sign!

Mr. Smiley,

In looking at those photos again it struck me, that bar is a direct copy of the early version of the bar at Steven Crane's Luau. A comparison of your photos and an early postcard I have.

Explains the reference on the back of the matchbook a little more.


Found this news clipping confirming that Steve Crane was involved in the Las Vegas Luau.



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