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Mask Makeover

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Hello all,

Just finished working on some backyard tiki decor. Thought you all might like to see it. I purchased a couple of plastic tiki masks off of ebay a few days ago. When they arrived I decided that the original paint job needed some enhancement (image 1). Oddly enough, I found the original of this mask in the book "Night of the Tiki" on page 77. I really liked the paint job in the book so I tried to replicate it. Image 2 is after the primer coat and image 3 is after the rust and tan coat.

Then it was time to bust out the acrylic craft paint. Considering that I am not a great painter, I was pleased with the end result. Check it out against the original on the right.

I felt compelled to share it with all of you because none of my other freinds would think much of it.

This is just one of several masks that I am putting on my back fence to add to our ever evolving tiki room. I am still working on a catchy name for our home tiki room but have not found one that is just right.

See Ya

Da Monkeyman

Nice job! Make sure you preserve all your hard work with some sealer if it's going outside. Unless you want the weathered look.

Monkeyman, good work! What kind of paint is that? Apple Barrel from Michael's?


Damn you are good! How the heck did you know that was Apple Barrel from Michaels? There are several craft stores I could have bought the paint at and at Michaels there are several brands of paint to choose from.

If your guessing stays that good, you need to come down and see me when the Del Mar Racetrack opens for the season.


On 2003-05-31 18:08, Monkeyman wrote:

Damn you are good!

Yeah, that's what all the ladies tell me too...

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