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Disneyland Tiki Room question

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I found this auction on eBay this morning. I've never seen this concept for the tiki room before. Didn't Marc Davis do all the concept art work for that attraction? It dosen't look like his style, and I get the impression that this piece is newer rather than older. Regardless, it's a cool piece of imagineering art work. Anyone else ever seen this or know anything about it?


I've never seen that either. I don't trust Disney when it comes to prints. I'm pretty sure I saw prints of newly-done (like, drawn in the last 10 years) concept sketches of the Tiki Room as a resturant done recently and selling at the Disney Gallery. For sure they were not concepts done before the ride opened.

I wish I could see a bigger picture of that image. I don't really understand what's going on in that piture.


aquarj posted on Sun, Jun 1, 2003 8:17 PM

Rolly Crump did a lot of the original concept work for the Enchanted Tiki Room. I really can't tell if that's his style or not though. They have a nice interview with him in the "E Ticket" magazine, #38. Here's their website (no article text though):




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Tangaroa - Any idea where this image (or the rest of the series)comes from? It's new to me. I've never seen the series in any of my books with imagineering concept art.

Off topic - Looks like Disney is finally getting a clue and going back to building E-tickets again. The concept art for Expedition Everest looks great.

On 2003-06-02 23:07, ZuluMagoo wrote:
Off topic - Looks like Disney is finally getting a clue and going back to building E-tickets again. The concept art for Expedition Everest looks great.

Yeah, it looks like they have a commitment to get 3 to 4 E tickets at every park. Animal Kingdom has the Safari which is great, but another E ticket at that park is desperately needed. Where have you seen the concept art for it? I've only seen the arial drawing. I'm more excited about Mission: Space, though :)


Aloha to all...

Mission:Space is going to be phenominal...and Expedition Everest looks like it will blow all other Disney coasters away! (And I include Rockin' Rollercoaster Starring Aerosmith in that statement!).

Mission:Space will be opening for a soft preview in August or September, with it's official "launching" in October...at least that is what we are being told at the Magic Kingdom.

Also, Mickey's Philharmagic...the new 3D film in Fantasyland opens for passholders in September for a preview, and the opening date for everyone else is yet to be determined. I do know that from what I hear about the tests, it's gonna be amazing, even though it's not an E-Ticket attraction.

Chant to you later!
Tiki Tackett.


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Thanks Tangaroa - those are great concept pieces.

Here's a few shots of Expedition Everest (opening 2005)


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