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Hi folks,
At one time, back in the late 50s and early 60s, I was a Tiki enthusiast. Kelbo's, Don the Beachcomber's, Trader Vic's, Latitude 20, the Warehouse, were favorite eateries. Also a great favorite, for the short time it was in business, was the Lava Isle in Burbank, serving great Indonesian food.
My decor at home was greatly influenced by Tiki culture. Bamboo furniture with tropical design fabrics, fishnets on the walls with shells, starfish, blowfish lamps and of course Tikis in various sizes. Years passed and tastes changed and slowly these things were phased out of my life.
Now that I am a senior and can do what I like and am just considered eccentric, I have again begun collecting a few Tiki items. Surprising what one can find at yard sales and swap meets.
I am also collecting recipes from the extinct restaurants which were such great favorites. Surely someone out there knows the secret of Kelbo's 10,000 island salad dressing, or the sauce for the ribs. I am a collector of cookbooks, recipe and cooking lore of all types as well as a developer of new recipes and reconstructor of ancient ones made with modern food sources.
If anyone has a recipe to share I would be thrilled to see it.

Aloha andiesenji and Welcome to Tiki Central. Sounds like you've got lots of stories from the old Polynesian Pop days. Sure would love to hear some. Maybe you can post one or two of those recipes from one of those long gone temples for us to try at home.

Glad to have you on board!

**Poly-Pop ***

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Aloha Andiesenji,

I vaguely remember the salad dressing at Kelbo's. Had it not been for 1 too many Cocobo's, I would probably remember it clearly. The ribs however are etched!

Please stay tuned for some upcoming So. California Tiki Central gatherings (I'm assuming you live in So Cal). I know most of us would enjoy your recollections.

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