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Tiki Oasis III pics, better late than never

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Great shots!
It makes me laugh thinking about Crazy Al's Mom saying to his Dad,
"I don't think we will ever get another normal picture of our son"
We were setting up the stage when I heard that.
Thanks for bringing up the memories Were-sa-mo.
Where's mug night?

Have no brakes
Cannot stop
Mahalo to you

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Hmmm, can't see the pics. Says I need to sign in?



Same here... help!


Try copying the link and pasting it in the adress bar.

You can see the pictures, but:
1)You have to sign in on Shutterfly with your own email address and (existing) password.
2)Either come back to TC and click on the address given, or
3)Come back to TC and copy the address like Al mentioned and paste it to the "address bar" in your browser.

Then you can see the pictures.

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Thanks! I had to sign up and log on in order to view them. The other two options just wouldn't work.


I don't actually know how to use shutterfly very well yet. Here's a DAQ (dumb ass question): How can I link to several pictures without the problems people described above? I think everyone is actually accessing all my albums. Any help is helpful.

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