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Mah Jong, Syosett, Long Island, NY (restaurant)

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Name:Mah Jong
Street:Jericho Turnpike
City:Syosett, Long Island

The Mah Jong. Looks like one of the many Chinese restaurant that embraced the Tiki movement at its peak.

I have found a few images over the years that show the story line.

A nice rendering of the building - shows potential with the stone walls, outrigger beams and Tiki torches.

A standard looking Chinese restaurant entrance.

Then the transition to the Tiki/Polynesian/Luau scene.

They added the Aloha Room and Bamboo Cocktail Lounge.

Here are some photos from the postcards

Distinctive style to the Tikis that were carved for this place.


Always loved that entrance photo. The guy looks like he is stunned by it, too. Or maybe he was about to enter, and suddenly the Tahitian dancer popped out.

Those Tikis look N.Y. Orchids-style to me. Individually carved, not off the rack, but in their style.

Mah Jong had a swizzle!

(as seen on ebay).


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