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Trader Vic's Mai Tai Lounge, Kyiv, Kiev, Ukraine (restaurant)

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Name: Trader Vic's Mai Tai Lounge, Kyiv
Type: restaurant
Street: Ulitsa Bolshaya Vasilkovskaya (a.k.a. Krasnoarmeyskaya), 66
City: Kiev
country: Ukraine
Phone: +38 (044) 583 55 53
Status: operational


Below is the address in Russian, in case you need to take a taxi there (most Ukrainians are bilingual and also speak Russian):

And if you are taking the Metro (subway), the stop is "Respublikanskiy Stadion" (second line in the text above)

Just to complicate things, the English section of the Web site below gives an English transliteration/translation of the Ukrainian version of the street name and Metro station:

66, Velyka Vasylkivska street (Chervonoarmiyska street)
"Respublikansky Stadium" metro station

So take your pick...

Web site: http://maitai.com.ua/en/history.html

I haven't been there, but I thought this place should be added to Tiki Central.


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And some eye-popping photos of the joint's interior:



Wow, that IS pretty out there! It's like the Russians are trying to do CheekyTiki Brit-Tiki, but it ends up looking more Cost Plus World Market.
P.F. Chin Tiki?

Is this the look of the future? Will first the Ruskies and then the world go crazy for it?

harro posted on Fri, Jul 15, 2011 3:49 PM


TV's trying to step into the future, ukrainian style...?

And whats going on here: TV's sponsored by tupperware!?!? :D

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OMG - I completely missed that!

What is the tiki revival coming to...?

PS - if anyone wants to completely freak out their home tiki bar guests, the pdf files of the menus in Russian on that site are a lot of fun.


Toto, j'ai l'impression que nous ne sommes plus au Kansas !

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regarding the exterior. The tupperware sign is for offices in the same building and we couldn't move or remove it. actually behind all the matting on either side of the mai tai sign and down the sides there are mulitple other signs for various tenants. the look in the photo was a temporary facade built in front for the opening night party. the permanent pieces are the tikis and the Mai Tai sign. Kiev's nightlife is very modern lounge bar driven so we did a lounge tiki version adapting some of the Mai Tai logo work into a large lazer jet cut wood wall. The light brickwork adds a "colonial" tropical freshness . the orignal dark painted brick and windowless basement space needed some freshening up as the previous venue here was a goth tomblike disco. Kiev is wild for sushi so adapting the concept was a prudent decision.

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