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Hang10Tiki...updated 12 NOV 2023

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Hope u like...

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i like...i like a lot...the more abstract pieces are way cool.


I love the fish hook eyes and nose. This last tiki with the beard is way cool too. You sure have been busy. I hope you are posting your step by steps on the carving forum. Cheers, Wendy

This one was done and posted here with permission by one of TCs best: WENDY-DANLOVESTIKI...thanks for the inspiration Wendy

hang10tiki, I'm happy to see my design move into another medium. Good job and thank you. Today MP called to ask if he could do a black velvet painting based on my South of the Boarder Bastard. If things really do happen in threes I'm looking forward to my next call! This has been really fun. Cheers, Wendy

I love that you have embraced the the new "think outside the bun" culture of Tiki Central :D

Very cool and unusual, non-traditional tikis like the one that incorporates the root ball. I also like the petroglyph wood slices, stepping stones?

KOMO, Wendy, MadDog, thanks for the posts, glad u like!




Shoot, I didn't connect the Tiki Crate with you at Oasis. I wish you had said, "I'm the guy that....". It was nice meeting you but I wish I'd remembered our connection. Next time. Wendy

PS I like your latest that looks like MP's mugs


We all love Bob and you have done a wonderful carving. I once made a trade with a carver. He carved a Bob for us I made a severed head for him. We made the exchange in Ventura. He wrapped up our huge 4 foot Bob in plastic wrap and we continued our vacation. We didn't unwrap it for a few weeks after we got home, when we did we found it slimy and covered with horrible mold. We were so stupid. Now we know wet coconut needs to be left to dry never wrap it up.

You are on a tiki bender, a great one, thanks for sharing, Wendy

Nice work, I especially like the Smokin' Tiki.

Luki posted on Thu, Sep 1, 2011 2:20 PM

Your Bob rocks!


I'm honored. Thank you for choosing my work it's very flattering.

You may carve my Tiki Bob decanter sometime if you like, there's a volcano on the top. Cheers, Wendy

57.1 millimeters (sounds bigger than 2 1/4 inches) LOL

Worst sound ever, slurp of an empty tiki mug through my straw!!!

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wow, this foam stuff is messy...

My first attempt at painting, go easy...This one done via inspiration by another one of Tiki Centrals great artists Mikel Parton (MP) and posted with his "OK"...after attempting to paint something I now have great admiration for you painters...with carving I can just use sandpaper to remove mistakes, with paint, well it's paint...Thanks again MP and keep up the great work...

You have such a fun style in art. I love the box of tikis, Wendy

Thanx Wendy...

I turned an old discarded fence post into "something" to hold up a few prints I got from Dirk Yates at Tiki Caliente III...


Aloha hang10tiki,
Just want to add my kudos on your work, absolutely love Bob! Keep up the good work. :)

thanx ume1...

new moai

Here are a few cases I made a little while back to hold swizzle sticks n stuff...sorry bad pics (glare)...got the idea from TIKI LEE (TIKI LEE'S VEGAS)...

Those look really nice and they'll be protected forever. Wendy


Thanx Wendy...

Just finished this lil two sided dude for my niece in Portland.
I am going to hand deliver it to her soon and while in the area the wife n I will make the rounds at Trader Vic's, Thatch and The Alibi.


Way too hip!

Good to hear you are having fun doing such "truly fine art."

This is my favorite so far. Very cool, Wendy

Jim n Wendy
Thanks, glad u like...working on a new 1
Pics soon

had a blast in Portland
Trader Vic's was awesome

here's a new one...

Very nice, do you ever rest? Wendy

I was thinking the same about you...

I saw this shape on TC but can't remember where, thanks to whoever made the inspiration tiki I saw...

It reminds me of Benzart. He is now doing wood burning on some heads. I guess we both work, look at TC and work some more. Time to go back. Your piece is good. Are you going to age it? Wendy


It's a Gman carving.

Wendy- I think I'll let him age on his own :)

Hiltiki- right on the money...I just looked at his post, Gman should change his name to THEman



Dang! Please accept 4 tall Mai-Tai glasses full of vile green jealousy at your creativity and 5 more of hearty congrats for sharing fruits of that creativity.

Haole Jim,
thanx for the good words
appreciated mucho
How is Chicago this time of year?
one of my brothers lives there but he never gets out of the ER so i never get a weather update...
take care n have a great xmas bruddah...


[ Edited by: hang10tiki 2011-12-23 15:17 ]

It's time to add those air dry clay tiki mugs and share your new adventure. Cheers, Wendy

U 2 kind,
But I think for now I'll stick to carving and let u clay it up...

I did add a new post of step by step to
Creating tiki/tiki carving


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