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Tiki "Monster House" on Discovery Channel 6/9

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I was watching the Discovery Channel's "Monster Garage" spin off, "Monster House", last night. Well, not really watching.. more flipping through the channels and happend to see 5 large guys trying to squeeze the rear end of a car into a kid's bed room and just had to see what that was all about.

Anyway, they did a promo for next week's episode- "Tropical House".
The website says:
"This house is transformed into a island paradise -- cavernous bed rooms, tiki inspired kitchen and a tropical rainforest for a backyard."

Sounds good to me.

During the promo commercial, it looked like they built some sort of a Moai. Too many fast edits to make out any of the other projects.




Looks Interesting.

How does that show work? Is it like, "While You Were Out" or "Trading Spaces"?


From what I gathered, it is similar to those shows in that it is a redecorating show and the owners do not get to see the "work in progress" or have any say in it other than a theme. The main thing is that the decor is kicked to the extreme. Like the episode last night, it was a car theme. The master bed had hydraulics on it. The recliner was redone so you could wheel around in it with a joystick. Craftsman rolling toolboxes were turned into a huge indoor gas grill. Not really something I would like, but the family evidently were racing fans and they loved it.

Found another link on the Discovery website about the Tiki House episode.
"Now they have a fire-breathing Tiki god in place of their fireplace and a 20-foot sailboat crashed by the pool"



Chacha posted on Tue, Jun 3, 2003 7:37 AM

I can give you the skinny: It's a ripoff of Trading Spaces and Monster Garage: home decorating taken to the extreme. The tiki house is kind of cool, but the last version I saw of that episode was rather slow and only showed the finished product at the end (the big ratngs grabbing reveal). This particular house gets a makeover: tiki fireplace, tropical "rainforest" shower, black bottomed pool, shipwreck in back yard. Not sure what else happens.
Hey, if you miss it on it's premiere night it runs about 10 more times during the week so you'll have plenty of opps. to catch it.

[ Edited by: Chacha on 2003-06-05 11:44 ]

Philot posted on Tue, Jun 3, 2003 8:45 AM

I saw the racing fans episode last night.

I was wondering how they were going to pull that off, but in the end it actually turned out looking pretty neat. Sort of living in the Madonna Inn. Of course, you may have a hard time finding a buyer if you need to sell!

I was amazed at how little planning they showed the crew doing. It's one thing to wing it for major parts of the project if it's a motorcycle or a car. It's an entirely different matter when you're talking about someone's house!

King Kuklele did a song or something for this show.


Monster House
Tropical House

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"Tyler (28) and Emily (25) saved all their money (I bet they didn't go out to eat for a whole year!) to purchase their first home in California's San Fernando Valley... But will the couple, who has little time to vacation given their busy entertainment-industry jobs, ever grow accustomed to their new tropical-island paradise"
...Gee I can't wait to find out! What a cliffhanger of a problem!

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