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The Rickshaw - John McPartland's Mai Tai Lounge, El Cerrito, CA (restaurant)

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Name:The Rickshaw - John McPartland's Mai Tai Lounge
Street:El Cerrito Plaza
City:El Cerrito


As someone with a ridiculous amount of personal ties (both past and present) to the El Cerrito Plaza, I am thinking that this location originally had to be in the old spot that Kirby's was in. It's the only spot that makes sense. No other location would have been big enough and Kirby's started out with a main restaurant and a cocktail lounge, which fits the description of The Rickshaw from the ad.

If this is indeed the case, we can narrow this spot down to being in existence between 1959 (it was not an original EC Plaza tennant) and 1961 (when Kirby's went in).

Looks like it eventually moved way down the road:

I love this guy:

El Portal Shopping Center opened in 1962. It would make more sense if it was at the El Cerrito Plaza until 1962 and then moved to El Portal, with Kirby's moving in right after.

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