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Good Price on Glass Floats

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laney posted on Sun, Jun 23, 2002 5:52 PM

For those of you in O.C. CA I found large glass floats, probably new, tied with heavy rope, for $28.95 for a 39" around (measured over the ropes)at the Orange County Marketplace in Costa Mesa. They are about the size of a watermelon. I got a blue, red and purple. I paid cash and he threw in a small one and didn't charge tax. The guy was nice and helped me (sent his assistant) to my car. This is the lowest price I've found anywhere. The swapmeet will go for about 2 more weeks before the fair starts.

I was there on Sat. and saw the same ones, I almost bought them. They seemed pretty cool.

Yup. I saw the same guy. The small floats were only $3.99 each! I bought a couple of those as well as the ones with 3 in various sizes. Whatta deal!

They have the large and small floats priced the same at the Shell Shop on Main Street in Seal Beach.Also great deals on every kind of shell!Haven't been there since last year though,but you may want to check it out.

Anne's right. The place - California Sea Shells - is owned by my next door neighbor - John Haney. They also have a shop at 5 Points Plaza in HB at Beach and Ellis. If John is there, tell him his neighbor - Kevin (tiki bong) told you about the glass balls and maybe he'll cut you a deal.

Oops,we always called it the shell shop.I guess it has a real name!Does that deal go for me too?I'd like to get some more of those!Aloha


I am somewhat reluctant to personally ask for a blanket deal for all Tiki Centralites from John. This is his livelihood. However, I am sure if you were to visit either of his shops and say you are a (cyber) friend of mine he would cut you a deal on large or small glass floats. If this doesn't work, let me know and I'll pick up some and say they're for me as a ruse.

Hey Tiki_Bong,
that's nice of you,but his items are so reasonable I really don't need you to go to any trouble.You can't blame me though,I've got bargain hunting in my blood!Thanks,Anne
P.S.-You can tell him I love his shop though and been going for years!


They also have a shop at 5 Points Plaza in HB at Beach and Ellis

Wow, 5 points! I am back home in HB...oh well, you cannot go home again. The ole place was never any good after they revitalized downtown. Tore down the Golden Bear and put up Taco Bell architecture.

Yet Surftown USA will always be where I "grew up"...sort of grew up, but I lived there a loooong time!

Go Vikings!

Yes,I agree Huntington just isn't the same anymore.I can remember when Jack's surfboards didn't look like a mall and all the run down stores.I liked it that way and always will remember it that way.Now it looks like every other place.progress-blah!
Even though when you buy a surfboard from HSS they still hoot when you buy a surfboard as you exit!

Sorry progress haters but I like the new H.B.. It only means more money. We bought our tiki townhome 5 years ago less than a mile from da water (beach/atlanta) and the values have trippled. All those new homes of off Golden West/edawrds have fed my tribe too and help keep the store alive. Got to have progress to survive. Now, if they can only fix the ocean!!


Hey Ben "Elite Capitalist"Bamboo!
Next They should pave over San-0 & put Up a "Starbucks"!!!! ; ^ D!
CC-ya -=CC=-

Ouch! In my eyes they fixed an old broken town (sort of). I know, I loved the old downtown too but, It's packed all the time now. Live bands at the pier, lots o food and bars and shops with some decent stuff. I was bummed when they ripped out my fav. golf course at Driftwood and are building the Hyat spa resort but when it's all done we will go "play through" the grounds. It makes $ence to me. If you can't beat em' join em'!

Bamboo Ben is right. Old downtown, though hard-core surf and skate, was a bit skanky after a Friday or Saturday night ("I love the smell of puke in the morning - it's smells like victory!").

Since buying my house in '93 I too have seen my investment almost double partially as a result of the City's redevelopment.

Anyway, what would all the in-landers (909'er's) from Riverside do on the weekend if not for H.B.?

Hey Ben, don't ya miss the Grinder for the kine grind?

Aloooooooha! Bong, the grinder was da kine. 1.98 speacial breakfast was it. Before it went by by, I snagged giant bird o paradise and have it planted on the south west corner of my pad.Just as it was there. I also have a nice chunk of the old pier , some oil from that spill a few years back, a few course cards from driftwood golf course and many memories. Life is too short. We must enjoy what we had and have today.


And please remind me what the topic was.


Back to glass floats. I've got a picture of my Grandmother polishing glass floats bigger than watermellons! They used to wash up on shore where they lived on the beach back in the 40's. Eli used them in his "Beach-combing biz"(pre tiki). Now, if I only had that new system I'd be able to share the pics with you's. Sorry for fraying from the topic.

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