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new tiki bar in Austin

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Just an FYI for those living in Austin or traveling there that the old Ocean's 11 tiki bar has reopened as a place called Headhunters. Same location....the corner of 8th and Red River (a couple of blocks from the 6th St. strip).

I believe the old "silent partner" is now the only owner, and he is working diligently to get the place up and running. Much of the tiki decor from Ocean's 11 remains, and the back porches have been significantly upgraded with little tiki nooks.

To me, there's still some work to do harmonizing the theme......when the place reopened, many African artifacts were put on the walls, which is a bit of a clash with the South Sea stuff, and the music is a bit all over the place. Plus, they sometimes have a live bellydancer pop out from the back at odd moments--very good looking and talented, but again, not really matching the theme. I've been burning copies of suitable tiki music for Steve, the owner, though....and he has been very receptive (the new Ry Cooder/Hector Galban; Martin Denny; Don Tiki; Zuco 103; the Pahinui Brothers doing John Lennon's "Jealous Guy"; etc).

The flaming drink menu needs to be expanded....right now, there are only about 6 to choose from: Headhunter; Witchdoctor; Big Kahuna; etc. Served in outsized coffee mugs (tiki mugs to be purchased, they say, once business picks up) and VERY strong.

All in all, I thoroughly recommend Headhunters as a nice departure from the blasting dance music crap on 6th St......and I think the owner will be very receptive to positive customer feedback on going even further in the "tiki" direction.


Tikisnipe, Aloha and Welcome to Tiki Central!

Thanks for the update on Ocean's 11/Headhunter. I never got a chance to see the space as Ocean's 11 because for every business trip I had to Austin, I was able to get someone to go in my place. I did hear good things about it though, when it was open.

Is the overall feel the same? Just curious. I may be in Austin this summer and will definitely make my way over there to check it out.

On 2003-06-03 13:02, tikisnipe wrote:
I've been burning copies of suitable tiki music for Steve, the owner, though....and he has been very receptive (the new Ry Cooder/Hector Galban

Um, no offense, but did you mean "Mambo Sinuendo", by Ry Cooder and Manuel Galban? Just wondering.

Certainly sounds like it's being done right! I'll have to stop by next time I'm up in Austin!


(trying re-post, since didn't seem to take the first time)

Thanks for the welcome! I've perused this board a few times, but haven't posted before (not so many tiki options in Austin, but when I get to the Bay area in July I understand my liver should gird its loins).

The overall feel of Headhunters is very similar to when it was Ocean's 11....the only difference is that all the "Rat Pack" paraphenalia has been removed (and I never cared much for that part of the theme anyway). I'd definitely stop in there if you're in Austin.

ps. I did mean Ry Cooder/MANUEL Galban....I couldn't remember the first name when I was typing the original message. Great CD, though, huh?? Cuban tiki!


Hey Snipe! Austin is my old stompin' ground! Actually, Ocean's 11 is what got me into all this tiki mess to begin with :wink: I have 4 of their old mugs and a ton of pictures! Did they keep any of the old staff when they reopened as "Headhunters"??? If so, tell Kevin, the bartender, to make you his signature shot: a banana in a tailpipe. Great stuff!

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