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[ Edited by: badmojo 2007-03-01 11:03 ]


How about Tiki Time?

How 'bout "Kon-Krete Tiki"



I see you have alot of "tiki" in your names that you selected. Does it have to have "tiki" in it? I like the tag on your ID: "The Jungles of Vermont". What about that or any variation: The Tropics of Vermont, The Vermont Tropics, The Vermont Jungle, etc., etc..

Kon-Krete Tiki is good, but do you want to be associated with concrete only? You may want to look at the big picture in case you decide to expand your product line. You never know how business may boom for you.

Just my 2 coconuts worth.

I am always partial to "The Tiki Hut,"
as I firmly believe one's home should be one's tiki hut.

All of your possibilities are good, but you may want to keep it short & snappy, so as to be readily remembered, such as "Mojo's Moais" or "Tiki Treasures."

Good luck and please let us know how your venture turns out this summer.


I know I would buy something, or at least browse a spell, at:

Wild Naked Island Girls Hot Sex Shack and Tikis

What, too many syllables?

Majored in Busines, always got "A's" in marketing,

Fleaki Tiki


Suburban Savage is definitely my favourite of your list... very cool.

I think I like Midnites suggestion best! :lol:

**Poly-Pop ***

[ Edited by: PolynesianPop on 2003-06-04 07:56 ]

Suburban Savage gets my vote.

How bout "Tiki Barn"

or is that too close to Tiki Farm?

Holden?? HOLDEN!??

Tropical Mountain


Mojo's Mystical Monkeyhouse?


I vote for Suburban Savage too.
Ver-mon-tiki sounds to much like...
Vermin-Tiki. Rats don't usually make me want to buy Tiki's :wink:

JTD posted on Wed, Jun 4, 2003 12:34 PM

Suburban Savage is a fine name but (in my mind) doesn't fit Vermont very well. Very little suburban there, due to lack of urban - largest city has population about 40,000. Also concur with SCD's idea of not restricting long-term business possibilities by using "tiki". Despite us hard-core, long-term tiki fans, current general tiki popularity may be somewhat faddish. So, I vote for the Vermont Tropics or similar.

Good Luck,


How about "Mai Tikis" or "Mai Tiki Shop"?

Tikis n' More
Tropic of Vermont
Northeast Tropics

...are all I can think of now.


[ Edited by: badmojo 2007-03-01 11:03 ]


This may be a litte syrup-tiki-ous, but how about Maple Polynesian Arts?



[ Edited by: badmojo 2007-03-01 11:04 ]

Suburban Savage -- we already have a member named Mano Tiki Tia.



[ Edited by: badmojo 2007-03-01 11:04 ]

On 2003-06-04 20:46, badmojo wrote:
Riiiiiiiight, and this concerns my Business Name why?J/K!..l

Oh I don't know. If it were me, I'd feel kind of funny naming my business after another member of this board.

Imagine this -- "Folks, I'm going to start selling tiki castings and the like starting next month. My new business is named Bamboo Ben. Come and check out our stuff..."

Or you can substitute Bamboo Ben's name with Trader Woody, Tiki Diablo, Monkeyman, SugarCaddyDaddy, etc.... see where I'm coming from?

Come to think of it, Tiki Bong would be a great name for a Polynesian themed Smoke Shop! :lol:

**Poly-Pop ***

[ Edited by: polynesianpop on 2003-06-04 21:18 ]


[ Edited by: badmojo 2007-03-01 11:05 ]


I think though Mano Tiki Tia has some resonance with you, and its fun to say, 'Suburban Savage' is an English word (easier recall), is more descriptive of your product, and therefore would make a better business name. Also, much easier to remember for those who haven't seen (or don't rememebr) that cartoon.

I can see people trying to remember Mano Tiki Tia... "Hey, we got these great concrete statues at this place.. uh, Mano a Mano? Rikki Tikki Tavi? Manischevitz? Mano Chao? Tiki Ti Man?"

Where as it's a lot harder to mess up Suburban Savage - You could mis-remember it as Urban Savage, but that's about it. Or maybe Suburban(tm) Salvage - the place where old Chevys go to die. :)

I like Monkey Tiki Tavi

whatever it is... Suburban Savage, while good, sounds too mainstream, in a non-mainstream way.

and yes, that was a joke.

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