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Any Tiki Freaks in DC?

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I will be in Washington DC on a business trip July 16-19 and would like to meet any Tiki Central members in that area. My wife will be doing the tourist bit while I'm doing the meeting bit during the day but at night?????

As a native (or naive) Californian, I have no idea if any tikiology exists in that part of the country.

Anyone out there?????

Da Monkeyman

Stentiki just returned from a trip to DC. Check out this thread for the tiki spots:


Make sure you at least see the Politiki!

JTD posted on Wed, Jun 4, 2003 12:21 PM

Also check out http://www.marylanddctiki.com
Many TCers there with the inside scoop.


Hello MonkeyMan maybe we could put something together the days that you are here. You will be in DC from Wednesday July 16th to Saturday July 19th. Swing by our message board join in and make a post and we should be able to pull something together.



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Woo hoo. I am the newest DC tiki message board member.

What a neat initimate site! Looking forward to my trip now.


I have posted a reply on the VA-DC Tiki site in hopes to meet a few of you on my upcoming trip to the area. July 16-19



Hey there, DC Tiki Gang,

Just wanted to say that it was great hanging out with you at the Honolulu and at the Hukilau!! We're actually back in PA now, and I just wanted to apologize that we didn't get a chance to say goodbye at the Mai Kai on Saturday night. Dan ended up on crutches due to that foot pain he was having Friday night and he could barely stand, so we left after the floor show.

I hope we can meet up in the future and hang at some more tiki bars, and we also want to see you guys at the next Night Of 100 Elvises!!

OK. The dates of our trip are closing in fast and I would like to try and nail down some details with all of you. We will be staying at the Park Hyatt in/near Georgetown (I am not familiar with the area). We are definitely up for a Friday night social event with whomever will show up. Thats July 18.
If anyone can commit to a time or place we will do our best to arrive on time. If anyone is up for a little light taxi work (helping us get from place to place on Friday), I can certainly help fund the gas.
Please email me if possible in the next day, I will be flying out early Wednesday morning. Otherwise you can reach us at our hotel. I am not sure what internet access I will have during my conference.
Derek and Olga Weaver
aka- Monkeyman on Tiki Central
Any takers?
We can exchange cell phone numbers via email.

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