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Tiki Fala, Arlington, VA (restaurant)

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Name:Tiki Fala
Street:2500 Columbia Pike

Here is another location for Johnny Dollar's metro Washington, DC-area Tiki list - the Tiki Fala located in Arlington, Virginia. I have this postcard that shows the interior of the restaurant with lots of decorations including Orchids of Hawaii lamps and masks.

The painted Tikis were less than traditional.

The font on the back of the card confirm that this was definitely a 70s place.

I also picked up this matchbook from the Tiki Fala.

Close up of the art.

Another matchbook style I spotted on-line.

There was another Tiki Fala located in Dumfries, Virginia that was a hard core metal band night club. Here is the sign.

There are several Youtube band videos out there that were shot at this place.


What a travesty, a Tiki restaurant invaded by a metal band called "Witchhunt"! Tiki's Falla from grace, I say! :D

Nice to see these pictures.

My wife and I used to go to Tiki Fala in the late 80s. If I recall correctly, it was part of a little strip of stores/restaurants just to the side of Columbia Pike. Among other things it featured a sign of a duck wearing a bow tie, and it was for that duck that we always went, as their version of Peking duck cost a mere $13 (even after the price officially went up to an exorbitant $14 they still gave it to us at the old price as we were semi-regulars). Nice place, great service. I wasn't a tikiphile then, so I don't remember whether there was a special mug.

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