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Ted lewis' club blue lei, , HI (bar)

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Name:Ted lewis' club blue lei

Found this souvenir photo card from the blue lei. I have never heard anything about it till now.

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I am a big fan of THIS Ted Lewis, Mr. "Are You Happy?":

Here is a great pre-Exotica classic by him (wait til the middle of the song for the lyrics!):


...but the Ted Lewis you found clearly is some later mainland-escapee namesake. Never hoid of it, but I like the name of that club!

THIS ted lewis was a voice coach of some sort and played jazz - i googled him and found another photo card on arkiva tropika.

Ted Lewis' Club Blue Lei was one of several night clubs on Kalakaua Avenue. It was located at 1736 Kalakaua, just outside of Waikiki. This souvenir photo folder dates from 1946.

" I may not know karate..... but I do know crazy !!"

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