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I figured I'd start a thread about decorating ideas - needed or offered, since everyone in this club is such a do-it-yourselfer!

My dilemma is this: I have an ugly back wall (1 story high) made of plywood, facing my lovely patio. Its painted at the moment, and I have tacked up a bit of bamboo to make it a bit more tolerable. But if you had such a wall outside your house, say 16 ft wide by 10 ft tall, with back door in it, what would you do to make is super schwank and tiki?


Get yourself to Home Depot and get some chickenwire and a material such as plaster of paris or whatever shlacking (sp?) junk seems most practical to you, also get a powerful fountain pump and a hose. Now go out to your nearest woodland source of big but portable stones, or buy some from a garden store. Now with the chickenwire (or maybe something finer than that) create the shape of your WATERFALL. lay the stones all around the bottom and schlack (sp?) your plaster gunk all over it and then spongepaint it a realistic rocky look. Plug yer pump into the nearest electric socket, and drop it into the pond I neglected to mention that you have alread dug and placed the the black plastic pond thing into (also available at home depot).. this pond is located at the base of your waterfall. Your water pump hooks up to your hose wich through the wonder of fake or real greenery and or rocks will not be visible as the source of the tumbling waterfall.

Modify directions as necessary for practicality and beauty.


So I just went out and bought some Tuberose bulbs... 'an exotically fragrant plant'. I think they are Hawaiian, but apparently I can grow them here. Also some other exotic hawaiian looking lilies and things. I cant plant them yet but I'm all excited! Any other plant ideas out there?

The waterfall wall idea is BOSS but unfortunately un-doable because of the placement of the cement patio. Plus, Im a renter, so I woudnt want to do my landlords that much of a favour!

I'm thinking more on the cheap-ass side of things. Im all about saving those dolla dolla bills.


I would tack up some "reed fence". You can get it at home depot, it cost 19.99 for a 6' x 15' roll. put some split bamboo up where it seams. Easy as pie. I've used it inside my place, in the bar. I'll post pics over at Yahoo TC in a folder called "Reed Fence"


Ive looked for this fabled dirt-cheap reed fence in Home Depot but I guess theres not that much call for it in Ontario. If anyone has seen any here locally I'd sure like to know. I can get smaller pieces for much much more money, so it is a possibility. It's what I was gonna do if I didn't think of anything I liked better.



cheap (FREE) tropical plants ~ the top of a pineapple!! i've grown 5 (so it MUST be easy!).. just twist the top off your pineapple, strip back a few leaves till you see tiny roots, let it air dry a day.. and plant it in a pot! watering is easy..just fill up the center with water ~ refill as necessary..

i painted my terracotta pots to look like a pineapple, and the top grows out of it.. swank!


Hi Jane,

You know, Bosko sells reed matting online. It may be more expensive than you're thinking, but here's the link.


In my part of town, you can also find reed matting and lots of other cool matting supplies (abaca, lampac) at larger nurseries. You might want to try there.


There was a place in Belleville that was very south-seas and they did a large wall in corrugated steel, slightly angled and overlapping, as a water fountain. I think there may have been weathered south-seas type paintings on it. Memory is vague, long time ago. That might work if you want that quonset hut/WWII lost asian soldier look. Throw some palms in front of it to soften it up.

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