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The Tropics, Sacramento, CA (bar)

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Name:The Tropics
Street:1019-1/2 Jay Street
Phone:Dial 3-9558

This was one of Sacramento's first tiki bars (perhaps the first - need to research further). I did a blog post about this nightclub on at Eichlerific http://www.eichlerific.com/2011/09/tiki-tuesday-tropics-1940s-sacramento.html and am sharing some of the intel here as well.


According to Billboard magazine (October 9, 1943, page 21), the success of the Tropics was in part due to a larger phenomenon: "Soldiers Bring Prosperity to Sacramento Spots; Acts Profit"

"Sacramento, Oct 2 -- With soldiers from three neighboring fields -- Camp Kohler, McClellan, and Mather Field -- virtually taking the town over after dark, Sacramento night spots are flourishing and multiplying.... Tropics upstairs night spot, which opened the first of the year has ... augmented the orchestra. Gabriel Silveira leads a five-piece combo. Spot is owned by Yubi Separovich and Frank Radich."

Here is a photograph from the mid-1940s via my friend and historian William Burg's collection:


(Note: Poke around on my blog and you'll find my original research regarding other Sacramento area tiki bars, such as the legendary Zombie Hut.)


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Thanks for posting the Tropics. I had seen this matchbook some time ago on ebay and grabbed the image. Always wondered about the place.

Enjoyed reading your blog.


Thanks for posting the matchbook image, Dustycajun. Nice to see something from the era in color. I fixed my picture links - you convinced me to retry :)

Has any more information been found concerning this place. I want to use it for the next Sacramento Crawl mug 2016. Wendy

Hi Wendy,
Not too much has surfaced since my original post, but I do have an old photograph of the bar and four patrons.


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That's a great photo. Next time I'm downtown I'm going to see what's in that location.
Thank you for posting, Wendy

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