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Blowfish on the run

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I bought a stuffed blowfish at an antique show that I am planning to resell but I am wondering, is it legal to ship taxidermied things over the border? I guess it is, as long as they are not endangered, but I want to be sure.

I thought I was going to keep the blowfish but it keeps staring at me. The guilt is too much (i.e. 'The Telltale Fish' syndrome).

Also, any hints for packing such an item?

Aloha..sure, it's legal...I order mine from the Phillipines...$20 for a two foot long blowfish, fully inflated and dried...they pack it in a box with a wooden frame made for the edges, then the rest is filled with newspaper balls, though a couple of times they would use packing peanuts...hope this helps! Grey

Do you have the info on how/where to order those blowfish?

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