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Freaky Tiki, Sydney, Australia (bar)

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Name: Freaky Tiki
Type: Bar
Street: 174 King Street
City: Sydney
State: NSW
Zip: 2042
country: Australia
Phone: (02) 9517 3051
Status: Closed (temporarily)

Amazing tiki bar located in the trendy bohemian suburb of Newtown in uptown Sydney.
The bar is huge and has a wide range of facilities:

  • The bar is located in the center and has 360 degree access. Wide range of beverages and highly competent bar staff with sound cocktail knowledge. Glassware is fairly ordinary however due to the wild nature of clientele that tends to break themselves and things around them. Drinks are very well priced with early bird and cocktail of the week specials. Top shelf spirits also available.

  • The gaming room is massive with a wide range of entertainment such as air hockey tables, pinball machines, arcade games and pool tables to name a few.

  • Dancefloor is extensive with DJ booth and stage where entertainment frequently perform on weekends. This includes poi, go-go dancers and bands just to name a few.

  • Out the back is a more chilled out lounge area with table service, comfy seating and a more quiet atmosphere for people not so keen to party as hard.

  • The smoking area is outdoors and fairly compact and looks out over the main street in Newtown.

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quite an awful hipster bar really. the saving grace is the drinks list is quite good utilising decent rum (appletons, golsings etc), if a little inconsistently made. some tiki farm mugs to be seen, but apart from the horrible party city style tiki in the picture above, that's about the extent of tiki in the freaky tiki. best time to go is in the afternoon before 5pm before the hordes descend.

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I think this was the same place I went to around Christamas time, back then they said it was only temporary, but obviously now it is staying andthey have added more to it

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