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Strange UK Tiki dishes

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Anyone have any info on these dishes?

Was there a full dinner service available?

I won this on eBay recently.

From what information i can gather, Metallised Bone China was mainly manufactured as Hotel & Restaurant Ware...

Could this have been produced for use in the Beachcomber?

[ Edited by: Pikeys Dog 2011-09-25 15:08 ]

Didya win Pikey?

"Just 6" x 3 1/2" this dish bears a WEDGWOOD mark with the PORTLAND vase above. Also reads METALLISED BONE CHINA - Made in England - 2BS 80 4034. I must admist I cannot find a name for this deisgn - looks AZTEC or Maori to me - perhaps you can help? In MINT condition - I have 4 of these if you are interested. I will combine postage. Payment PAYPAL, £ cheque UK or Postal Order"

Yes siree.

Those are from the Beachcomber and complete the rare plate, mug, swizzle set for number 11 on Bora Boris' list. Great find!



PS Looks like you have an extra, wanna trade?

[ Edited by: Dustycajun 2011-09-25 15:19 ]

When I have them in my hands I'll decide if I want to trade - I need to make sure I get one for my collection first!

Nice one. That's a good find.

You lucky Bar-steward!

3 mugs and now 2 dishes it's proving to be quite the year for Beachcomber finds.

Well all four have arrived safe and sound, so I now have three available for trades.

You can check out my wantslist on Googa Mooga for ideas...



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