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Thanks Hanford

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for all your hard work.
This is just an idea and I know your busy, I'm wondering if we could compile a list of professionals and amateurs and the services or products they offer here on TC, all in one place?

[ Edited by: jungletrader on 2003-06-07 09:00 ]


Ye Hanford,
The TC V4.0 seems to work very well. Good job!!!.


THANKS! I appreciate your work and appreciate this website!!!

Hanford - you ROCK!

BTW JT -- Here's a thread that kind of covers what a lot of us do. Could give you a start.




Thanks for being the ref on Laney's misunderstanding of my completely ignorant and/or stupid posts!

(Shhhh, everyone! I actually think Ms L is kinda cool for saying it the way it is. She don't put up with any of Bong's dumb-ass
sh!t (as if there were anything else!).)

(I'd like to thank you, for lettin', me be myself... Again!; I'd like to thank you, for lettin' me, be myself... again...)

'A thing of Tiki is a joy forever'

Celebrate 'International Tiki Day' the second Saturday in August - Hau'oli La Tiki!

[ Edited by: Tiki_Bong on 2003-06-07 21:50 ]

Hi JungleTrader (and everyone),

Regarding the thanks: It's my pleasure to keep this place running. I just try to keep it going smoothly so that people keep posting all the great info, pictures, and events stuff here. That's what makes it worth visiting every day. So I'd like to thank everyone here for that!

And regarding your question about a list of people: If there's one thing I've learned by runnning this thing, it's that the Tiki Central Community as a whole is stronger than any one contributing member. So having a topic dedicated to it that everyone could contribute to would be the way to go (unless I were to write something custom to do it, but I'm waaaaaaay far away from that right now).

The problem with Offical Topics like that is they often get burried as they grow stale, and I've been tinkering with a way to solve that. But it's not ready yet.

Hope this explaination makes sense. And thanks again everyone for all the kind words!


[ Edited by: hanford_lemoore on 2003-06-08 19:40 ]

hewey posted on Tue, Jul 19, 2005 9:25 PM

I thought this thread should be re-discovered. Hanford does such an awesome job of keeping TC updated, and i'm sure there are plenty of you out there who are invloved with tiki at your current level of enthusiasm as a direct result of TC. I know I am.

He always responds so quick to your questions, and I'm sure he gets lots of questions too. And all the updates that make TC what it is today, so easy to use.

Hanford, well done. Thanks to you and your site i have made a heap of freinds, and will continue to have top fun into the future. I take my fez off to you.



Thanks for the site and all you do.

[ Edited by: MachTiki 2005-07-19 22:16 ]

Thanks everyone.

I actually would like to take this time to thank all of you guys for sticking with TC when the waters get rough. In the past we've had some long-term members drop out, and while I respect their decision, its the exact opposite of what TC needs to stay afloat: quality, on-topic discussion with a minimum of distractions.



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