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Hello... I think. I'm sorta new('bouta month old) here. As I'm more of an observer I've just been sittin' back listenin' and chillin'. Everybody here's pretty cool so the water seems fine. Just wanna say "hey" from PA! but, aak! my head fell off. That happens sometimes :D

Welcome to TC AtomicZombie. Glow in the dark eh?

On behalf of Tiki Bong, Polynesian Pop, myself, and all of Tiki Central, Welcome Aboard!


Damnit TraderPup, you did it again!!

AtomicZombie, Welcome to the Tribe -- and watch out for that Bong fellow...

Hi AtomicZombie! Welcome! I'm also in PA, Philly to be exact.

Thanks! I appreciate the welcome. And yes, I do glow in the dark... sometimes, heh :wink:

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