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Swedish Tiki - The Report That Almost Was

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I was in Stockholm this weekend & hoped to have a drink or three @ the Tiki Room, but, unfortunately, the bar was closed all weekend. It was the weekend of Midsummers Day (you know, so far north that the summer never sets - absolutely beautiful) which was a cool time to be in Sweden, but unfortunately virtually all of Stockholm flees the city for the countryside; thus, the Tiki Room was closed.

But here's what I observed by peeking in the window:

It's in the basement of a swanky cocktail bar called the Mellow Bar (you get there by walking down a spiral staircase in the middle of the upstairs bar room). What I could see from the window looked great. And I assume since there's so much cool modern design in Stockholm/Sweden that the Tiki Room is much appreciated & a great place to hang.

Here are a couple of pics (that look absolutely GORGEOUS) from the internet:



Man, I REALLY wanted to go to that bar.

Oh Well,
Tiki Chris

[ Edited by: Tiki Chris on 2002-06-24 13:58 ]

Awww, Chris, that's a massive bummer. That bar sounds like a great mixture of Tiki bar and the sort of cocktail joint that's popping up all over London these days.

There seem to be so many instances where Tiki bars are closed when people make a special effort to visit them. Perhaps we should create a term for this distressing state of affairs...

Trader Woody

Tiki-interruptus - The condition that occurs when one travels many miles to a Tiki bar but upon the point of entry, finds a closed sign on the door.

Trader Woody

I went especially through to glasgow coz someone had opened a club nite called "tiki island" at nice'n'sleasy and discovered it had only existed for one nite, so me and my friends sat in the pub wearing leis and tropical shirts. Definatly a case of tiki-interuptus

Tiki Interuptus? Brilliant.

Yeah, being so close & yet so far away to what appeared to be kick-ass tiki bar was unbearable...but all the more reason to one day go back to Stockholm, where I saw more than a couple of folks in aloha shirts!

Anyway, I had a great time there regardless (the possibility of going to the Tiki Room was just an added bonus) & would definitely recommend a visit!


Mahalo tiki chris.
Those links are cool. Now I have another reason to visit my ancestral homeland.

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