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Tiki Oasis 2002 - Whata BLAST (of heat too) in Palm Springs

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Aloha to all. First I would like to introduce myself. My name is Tiki Bob and I have been involved in Tiki and Exotica since 1993.

I became inactive after signing up for the Yahoo list when it was first started. My name there was Tiki_Bob and maybe some of you remember some of my posts there in the early days. Specifically, my detailing about the Kahiki Bon Voyage party in August of 2000.

I became aware of the split off of Tiki Central Yahoo to this forum while at the Tiki Oasis 2002 in Palm Springs this past weekend. Representatives of this list were there in abundance! And what great folks I met!

The event was one of the best Tiki Events that I have attended in the last 8 or so years.

The Caliente Tropics was such and excellent setting for this event. The entertainment was fantastic (especially in Room 135 at 2 AM when the sing-a-long provided all tikis a voice in the ritual chants - Al and Shelley are to be Mahaloed to death for their making this event come about).

The weekend was truly spectacular. The music, the venue, the tiki-attendants, the pool shananagins, the tiki-attendants (again!!!) and the vendors all made for one freaking memorable safari to the gracious Tiki Oasis in an otherwise barren, scorched, hell-forsaken dry patch in the desert.

So many mahalos to all who worked and attended this event.

Tiki Bob was blessed by the tiki gods that his trek via the new flying machines and a function motor sedan was able to get him to the remote spot that was Tiki Oasis 2002.

Thanks to all for making this one very memorable weekend. If you did not make it, you better scratch on the floor of your hut the date of the next year's event as soon as it is announced. If not, may the tiki gods have wrath on your soul (or at least your liquor cabinet.)

Balmy regards,

Tiki Bob

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On 2002-06-24 14:57, tikibob wrote:
I became aware of the split off of Tiki Central Yahoo to this forum while at the Tiki Oasis 2002 in Palm Springs this past weekend. Representatives of this list were there in abundance! And what great folks I met!

I wish I could have been there, it sounds like fun! Glad to see people were spreading the word about Tiki Central's new home. Welcome back Tiki Bob!


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Just wanted to shout out a great big mahalo to Otto and all those Tiki-nauts who toiled to put together such a great weekend. It was one of the funnest weekends in recent memory. It's hard to overstate how much fun it all was. I feel like I'm on another planet back here in my office today.

Everything was perfect - the music, drinks, the resort, and, as Tikibob said, THE PEOPLE! Everyone was so friendly & fun. Sorry to have missed Shelly & Al's chant-a-long, though. It may be hard to top this event, but we're already looking forward to next year's event.


Hey, Hanford, I was surprised you weren't there. You missed a hell of an event!

Good to see you here, Tiki-Bot!

Send me an email... I need to get that big ol' tiki back from you :wink:

It sounds like it was a blast. I will definitely be there next time. I've just had too much going on this time around...


Hey! Thanks to everybody for making Tiki Oasis such a FABulous time. It was the closest thing to living in one of those 'Gidget Goes Hawaian' movies that this little gal will ever experience. Special thanks to Otto for putting the whole thing on, and Judd and King Kukulele for being the musical maniacs that they so successfully are. Thanks also to Al & Shelly for opening up their suite for the party, and to Robin for bringing the tiki jewelry! It was delightful to meet up with the inimitable SvenTiki once more, and to meet all the Modcommers too. :) Mig and I have memories and photos that should last us 'til next year at least. Mahalo, all! :)

I found myself at work today still singing the C&H Pure Cane Sugar song and slightly moving the hips as if the grass skirt was still on.

That was you, Vintagegirl? I was just watching that portion of the tape. Very cool.

I anxiously await the video and wonder if it will be held for ransom someday?
that was an outrageous drinkalong/singalong with some of the coolest folks I have ever met!
it was actually our subtle Sven who instigated the after hours swim fest, but don't tell the authorities :wink:

I just went to your website http://www.cherrycapri.com and I can't wait to hear you and the Thurston Howlies perform! I hope you will be on the bill for Oasis 2003. Are you going to perform anytime soon?

I hereby officially apologize (to vintage girl's Kane) for being so absolutely hypnotized by your plastic Hula skirt clad hip movements. It may be that white guys can't dance, but some white girls sure can do the Hula.

Big S, I hereby officially accept your apology (though none is needed). Please feel free (free feel?) to be mesmerized by the swaying plastic anytime ya'll wish. By the way, was there rally a 'stag' film Friday night? Was there really a Friday Night? Anyone see my Dad? I'd thank all by name for such a great time but I don't remember them...I hope that's a good thing!

Vintage Girl's expert exhibition proved that the simple combination of a winsome smile and twitching female hips can work their magic still in these jaded times.
Indeedy there were some "Exotic Dancing" reels that we screened as test films to determine the size of screen/projector placement ratio. Nothing that your kids could not watch. Although there were a few bare breasts visible, the most daring thing at the time they were made seemed to be to bare your legs...
Atomic/Vintage, how can I get ahold of you kids? E-mail me at bookoftiki.com

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