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Chin Tiki 2012 X-Mas Bazaar

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Well it's that time of year again ( although it was over 60 degrees this weekend ) The annual Cat's Meow Chin's Holiday extavaganza. I have attached a flyer for the event. Always a great time to fend off the cold, support some local people, and where else are you gonna sit and have a drink under a thached roof, with all kinds of OA carvings, some Witco pieces, and some good tunes being spun. This is it folks!!!!! come on out!!!!

[ Edited by: Matiki 2011-11-28 05:56 ]

This is going to be our best and biggest event yet. Yes, we do love tiki in the motor city in the
middle of winter. Tropical cocktails, DJ's Spinny, Mattfink and Loney spinning wild jungle beats.
Our annual tiki raffle, merchandise from vintage sellers, tiki carvers, artists, new tiki merchandise, pin striped tikis and so much more!!

Looking forward to seeing all the Detroit Tiki lovers at our annual winter Christmas event.


Always a good time. Come on out!!!! Last year I walked away with 8 Chin Tiki swizzle sticks from the Pineapple concoction they were making!!! I know local carver Tiki Beave has got some cool stuff in the works and has been carving more!!! Come on we see all this cool California event threads, heres your chance to have some fun in the Motor City!!! You want Vintage Tiki??? The place has been there since the Mid 50's. I remember it as a child in the early 70's and it still looks the same!!!

Are all the vendor spots full? I have not vended since '05 or '06 and have been out of the loop on this event.


Lake you will have to get with Hula Girl on that one

Matiki posted on Sat, Dec 3, 2011 7:09 AM

1 week from today. I don't want to hear "theres no tiki around here" complaints!!!! Come out next Sunday. Support this place and this event if it goes, so does any remaining shred of Tiki in the Motor City!!

I'm hoping to make it there for a bit. Couldnt get the night off from work.

I got a chance to dash in, pick up a cool amount of sweet swag, and unfortunately couldn't linger for the real festivities- but I would highly encourage any and all Detroit tiki enthusiasts to do so. Well worth it!

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