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The Tiki Broiler, Honolulu, HI (other)

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Name:The Tiki Broiler
Street:International Market Place

Found this napkin with a bunch of salesmen samples ,

All I have to go off is this was a night club in he 70s that bands played at but I can not tell if it was also a restaurant.

Googled and found references to a band "White Light" that played there that was advertised in a 70s Reunion show.

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I have a matchbook and ad from a brochure. It was a broil your own steak restaurant located within the International Market Place in Waikiki.

Just grab the misses, put on lei and do some indoor grilling.

And, the secrets to success, a cocktail lounge and moderate prices.


Of course you would have some paper on this place!

Thanks for the info!


Ah the Tiki Broiler! :) Notice how the logo is a Tiki's Mouth? There's an interesting shot in Waikiki Tiki: Art, History and Photographs of a American Ailaines stewdardess standing in front of a sign announcing both the Trader Vic's and the Broiler are being constructed in 1967ish. Both being operated by the Weaver Brothers (Spence and Cliff) I ask oldtimers if they know where in the Market it was. I think it was below the Vic's where "Captain Zack's" was located.

Captain Zack's

Ad from 1967

Ad from 1968

Always looking for something related to this place... Asked Al from Daga, but he couldn't remember if they had a mug or not... Many of the Spencecliff joint's did since the Tahitian Lanai mugs sold so well.

Knew you would be able to chime in on this as well Phillip Roberts.

Thanks for even more info--didn't even notice the logo was inside a tiki's mouth!


Circa 1978 Ad.

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