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The Beachcomber, Calgary, Canada (restaurant)

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Name:The Beachcomber
Street:611 7th Avenue S.W.

I have been doing a little research on The Beachcomber restaurant that was located in Calgary. It was the fifth Beachcomber restaurant opened in the chain.

I found this article from 1966 announcing the expansion of the Calgary restaurant with a new dining room.

Photo of the interior.

Some of the story.

Entertainment ads.

The restaurant burned down in 1972 and a Fireman died in the blaze.

Have not seen a postcard or other photo evidence from this one.


Wow, looks like it had a great facade, front entrance, and sign. None of the Canadian Tiki agents have any photos of that?

I've been waiting patiently to get photos of this. I've seen photos of the exterior during the fire. Good clear ones...but alas, I haven't been able to secure them yet.

Where o' where are you finding this stuff dustycajun? I just looked allover the net for the photos of the fire recently and it brought up zip.

DC has enough CanCon to make the CRTC proud! I think he's secretly Canadian... Dustycanajun!

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As mentioned before, the Beachcomber fire was an infamous one in Calgary's history, due to the fact that a firefighter lost his life at that blaze. Outside Calgary City Hall there is a firefighters memorial which features a few photo etchings.

One of these is of the Beachcomber fire. it's hard to photograph this etched photo off the monument, but here's my attempt:

It feels a bit tacky to post this, but perhaps someone else will find these pictures interesting...

Very interesting. Thanks for the photos. I love this stuff

We gotta find some more stuff on this place. It looked so stunning. I have never seen any pictures of the inside. I also wonder how the fire started. I know they renamed it Lucifer's after a fireman died there.

Per ooga mooga:

From The Beachcomber, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, a Tiki Location

This small tiki mug was used at the Beachcomber restaurant in Calgary, Alberta, Canada for serving Coffee Grog. The mug is olive green, with a handle on the side and a Ku-life face on each side. Identical to the Napco design depicted on page 48 of Tiki Quest, aside from the different glaze c

Worst sound ever, slurp of an empty tiki mug through my straw!!!

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Better looks at the beachcomber fire image:

Another view of the devastating fire from a book entitled "Yours for Life: 125 Years of Courage, Compassion and Service from the Calgary Fire Department"

It's interesting to note that the huge Beachcomber sign must have fallen in front of the restaurant during the time lapsed between when these two photos were captured. You can see it lying in front of the restaurant on the inset photo.

Made a little tear come to my eye, before realizing that if a fire didn't claim it then an office building would have >_<

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