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Kahala, Nashua, NH (restaurant)

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I remember going to the restaurant part of the Hukilau in the late 70's with my family. There was a lounge section that I always wanted to check out, but my parents would never let me step foot in it, but we were allowed to order a virgin pina colada, which we always loved! My sister and I thought it was hysterical that my parents ordered a Pupu platter. The lobby had some large tikis and an indoor waterfall.

Does anyone else remember this place?

http://www.tikicentral.com/viewtopic.php?topic=41991&forum=2&6 Mystery solved my parents & I had the name wrong!

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I definitely remember going there in the 70's. My parents would go a few times a month, and I would also laugh when they ordered the Pupu platter. Thank you for sharing the fond memories! :)

Can either of you remember it's rough location? The three main haunts in Nashua that I know about were always the Kahala, The Singapore, and The Haluwa. (the Haluwa is the only one left)

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I know it was on 101A a.k.a. Amherst St. I know it was very close to Rivco, which is also close to Leda Lanes bowling alley. I looked at the street level pictures on Google maps and can not locate the building. There is chance it was in the same building that the Grand Buffet is in now, but it looks very different now. I know that Rivco was there at the same time as the place I was talking about, because my dad used to buy a lot of the doors and windows he used in the houses he built from Rivco & we were at Rivco all the time... My parents remember the place being called The Hukilau but I wouldn't be that surprised if they were wrong about the name... I would guess that someone who works at Leda Lanes or Rivco would remember the exact spot, assuming the person worked there back in the late 70's. If anyone finds out anymore info about the place, I'd love to hear about it!

That's where the Kahala was. I'm guessing it was the Kahala.

If that is the case see here:


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