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Jakamos, Long Beach, CA (restaurant)

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Street:803 E. Broadway
City:Long Beach


Ok folks, here is another blast from the past that does not have much documentation.

I tried for this menu from Jakamos on ebay that features a Tiki totem on the cover.

The ebay listing stated that it was menu was dated 1965.

Google news info shows that a fire burned Jakamos in 1972.
After that it became Clancy's which is still there.

The Clancy's building looks identical to the rendering on the menu cover, so maybe the fire gutted the interior and the building was saved.

Also found out that the owner was, Ambrose G. "Amos" Brosh who moved to Long Beach after WW II. One can only assume that his partner name was Jack (Jak Amos... get it!).

Looks like a job for A-Frame to hit the Long Beach library in search of.



Will do DC, but something tells me that Sabu might have some info on this one already...

Yes, I've accumulated some research on Jakamos - That tiki on the menu, for example, stood out front of the restaurant. I'll try to get my act together and post my pictures. That menu, though, is the nicest thing I've seen from this restaurant so far!

Crazy Al and I were at that Clancy's about 2 years ago for a show by Prog/surf band Daikaiju.
the place has no tiki vibe what so ever.
completely transformed.

I wonder if Al knew it was tiki before.


A little more information on Jakamos. This ad shows that it was owned b Jack and Amos, thus the name (a la Sambo's).

The signature tiki was indeed located out front, as seen here.

And who doesn't love a Bikini fashion show at lunch!

A few more ads from 1963 and 1964.

And a brief description.

Jack and Amos also owned the Marlin Inn in Huntington Beach.


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