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About 5-6 months ago, someone was posting some pics of a few tikis that stood guard at the entrance to their surf spot in California.. something about one of them getting stolen(?)

Anyway- what spot was that, whats it called, and what part of California is it in?


I believe that was the post regarding San Onofre in South OC/North San Diego County:


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[ Edited by: PolynesianPop on 2003-06-11 09:54 ]

More specfically it was a surf spot known as 'Old Mans'. I surfed there last weekend and it's a classic break with a classic surf vibe. It's one of the few CA beaches where you can pretty much drive up to the beach and surf.

The San Onofre Surf Club meets there and we have a Luau in the Summer complete with local grind, drink (BYOB), music and hula. There is even a contingent of the San Onofre Surf Club in Hawaii made up of past mainland members.

It's a place right out of a Gidget movie. No surf Nazis, few short boarders and miles from any residential or retail structures (except for the surf shack).

Think about the place is starting to make me feel like I'm coming down with a cold and need to leave work for the day...

As far as classic longboarding goes, it is in the top ten spots. Think Wiamea, Rincon, Malibu...

I just got back from there today; 3-4 ft with bigger sets. Clean and trunkable.

Say, when were the tikis at "Old Mans?" I was there in May 2000 with a fellow Chicago surfer hanging with members of the San O Club and some people from alt.surf... I don't remember seeing tikis??? Where were they? I was super stoked to be at a place I read so much about... so much history and culture there... and some real fun mellow waves. Rode the outer break in some heavy fog but had a blast that weekend...

Bong, do you know of Neon, Big Kook, San Diego Beach Guy... some interesting characters I met at San O that weekend...


thanks guys

im flying out this week from FL- i may try to hit it

Huge line of RV's and campers in the summer, hard to get in. Gotta be at the gate at dawn. Heaps 'o surf history. Mushy friendly waves with the nuclear power plant as a backdrop.

On 2003-06-11 22:45, Lake Surfer wrote:
Bong, do you know of Neon, Big Kook, San Diego Beach Guy... some interesting characters I met at San O that weekend...


Probably know their faces. I'm HB Kook there (or Snake).

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One tiki is kinda hidden in the bushes towards the end of the parking area and the other is in a bush 'island' in the middle of the road.

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