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aloha spirit everywhere!

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Dear all:

Just a quick one to let you all know that fellow Vancouver TCer fartsatune has gone the extra distance to bring aloha to the people around her. She found a menu from my childhood Tiki restaurant recently, and posted scans from it at http://www.tikicentral.com/viewtopic.php?topic=4175&forum=1&3 . This is a perfectly cool funky piece of vintage Canadian Tikibilia that she found...but instead of keeping it she is giving it to me, realizing that for me this is an actual item from my own roots in Tiki. If there was an Aloha Apirit Award, she would be my first nominee!

There's more though: right after I found out she is mailing this menu to me, bro Matt got back from San Fran where he did the Tonga Room and Emeryville Vic's. He grabbed a bunch of stuff for me..and nothing for himself! He only had room for just so much stuff, so he thought of me first. I am so lucky and blessed to have such people in my life.

aloha and mahalo,


Er... that should be "Aloha SPIRIT Award"...oops.


Hey, thanks Emspace! When I saw it I knew it was meant for you and ONLY you. For the rest of us its only a piece of paper, for you its a HOLY GRAIL. On this note, it belongs with its rightful owner. Maybe you will find my Winnipeg Beachcomber menu and maybe not.
For those of you who still have their vintage Tiki bars open, I suggest you frequent them often and show your support! Emspace and I are not so lucky. Ours were both bulldozed and are probably Shoppers Drug Marts or some awful fate like Walmart. All we have left is a great memory, and that is what brings us here to Tiki Central.
By the way Emspace, it left to the North Shore today, should be there Friday I hope!


Hey fartsatune, you deserve the praise. I feel like camping out in front of my mailbox!

And the Beachcomber pretty much ended up like the Bayshore Vic's...just another generic dining room in another generic hotel. You folks listen to fartsatune and support your local Tiki bars and restaurants, don't let more Beachcombers, Kahikis, etc. happen in your community!


You're a chick? Jeez you've just blown (...ahem) my story that girls don't do that.
Nope, you should be "pootsatune".

Whatever, you're one cool kitty. May it come back to you sevenfold.

(And you still never said what the tune is...)

On 2003-06-11 15:31, purple jade wrote:
You're a chick?

Hey! I was gonna say that! :)
Anyway, congrats on the score, emspace. Good friend are indeed a blessing.

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