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Thought I would take a few pics as I go instead of only after pics, so here I go...:tiki:

[ Edited by: hang10tiki 2017-08-21 21:36 ]

Thought I would try a 3 sided dude...

Worst sound ever, slurp of an empty tiki mug through my straw!!!

[ Edited by: hang10tiki 2012-01-04 14:03 ]


keep going bro....

go deep!

It's about time you started the step by step photos. Now I can enjoy watching you work, Wendy

PS I like all your gallery tikis and this one looks great too

5150- Deep I'll go, now if only my day job will not get in the way of the fun stuff...
Wendy- Thanx, posting the step by step as you said I should...

While Workin on the dude above we got a call
From our agent to get on the road back to Vegas
She found us the bomb home....no new pics cuz we ran
Out of the house quick...just got a call from her n we might
Have got the house
So rum m cranberry flowin like a river
Wish us luck
N hope to have a tiki bar soon to post pics on the tiki bar post...

updated pics...

and it looks like the TIKI GODS are smiling on us,
we got the house and are moving back to Vegas...
Frankie's here we come...

the face is nice and deep and gives some definition.

Thanx grand man...
Fingers were crossed that I didn't knock off a lip or two, good so far


just don't go for chiseling off huge pieces. when you get greedy stuff starts breaking.

Yep...been there done dat

sanding, sanding and more sanding...

light em up smokey...

back to the sandpaper...

3 coats of stain so far...



Looks good! I was surprised to see how short he ... or they .... are! Good work!

amate posted on Thu, Jan 26, 2012 2:57 PM

On 2012-01-25 11:23, hang10tiki wrote:

I think you are ready for a larger log. Go man!


time to get on to #2!

Hay Captain Jack
does this make em look bigger???

Hay amate
right on the money...

might be a while, we r relocating back to Vegas next week...Frankie's here we come

Back in Vegas
The wind took out a tree so off to work I go...

[ Edited by: hang10tiki 2012-03-07 22:10 ]


off to a good start

That's going to be a great little area for you to play with. It's already got a spotlight, even. It looks like you're having big fun with it. Thanks for posting.

McTiki posted on Thu, Mar 8, 2012 6:30 AM

Nice chops!

"Deeper" comes to mind... :)



T, G, and Mc

Thanks for da words.

Off tomorrow so I'll get back to the fun!


did a lil more...

No that's dedication! No strapping it to a Burro, you have to get down on your knees and carve! Nice progress shots.

yea, my knees r payin the price
oh well

more today...

lil more



"Monoh optika Tiki"

Looks good so far.... keep at it.

Thank you for sharing!



Now that's what I call deep carving! Wendy

It looks great, H10. You appear to have a specimen of the rare Cyclopean Tiki* in your backyard.

*Did you know the name Cyclops refers to the roundness of the eye and not to the singularity? This useless information brought to you by Professor G. It's what I do.

McTiki- Thanx for lookin
Wendy- glad u like
ProfG- Thanx for the cyclops lesson but it was not grabbing me, hope I didn't mess it up....

I wasn't encouraging you to leave it as a cyclops; I just thought it looked like one. I would never ask a Brother of the Blue Bobs Society to carve in an unTiki manner.

You'll have to carve deeper than the knot in order to get rid of it, or figure out some way incorperate it in the design. Personally, I would used it as an eye, and carved another one just like it to balance out the other side of the face. Yeah, the tiki would be facing out at an angle, but that could lead to some fairly interesting inspirations.
When the trunk finally dies and it dries out, it's gonna be splitting like a MotherF*cker anyway, so it may not even matter that you "get rid of" the knot...


Bamboo must be drinkin foo foo drinks at the skatepark but, he used to say things like "fire" when something broke or was unsalvageable....I personally don't feel this one is ready for that fate. I agree that it can be one or two eyed. It just depends on the amount of time you spend crafting the approach and executing it to its perfection and stunning us all with its brilliance!

But yeah......it's gonna crack like a mother effer!




Nice effort hangar, great progress shots too. You're doin it right by letting it rest and gel in yer mind before hacking it up. A solution will appear just don't let that knothole demand to be something you don't want. Cool stuff.

Prof G- As a member of the Blue Bob order, u can say what ever u like...

TikiLee- Took a while to figure out what to do, hope it works. Glad to c u carvin again.
Not splitting yet, fingers crossed.

McTiki- Yea I held off on tossing him into the flames yet.

BENZART- (wow, its an honor just to have u look) Thanks for the words. Hope you are having a fast recovery.


I have made fire...


dude, that's a pretty good body.

amate posted on Thu, Apr 12, 2012 4:01 AM

Those eyes turned out great! Nice improvise.

Like it, good solution to the knot. It looks a bit ape like now, reminds me of king kong!

5150- thanx bruddah and thanx for all the tips...

Amate- yeah the eyes came out ok, had me worried for a while...thanx

Atomic mess- he does have a bit of a KONG look, hope he doesn't climb on my roof...

Day off so I got some work done...






Dude! Way to go!



amate posted on Tue, Apr 17, 2012 5:12 PM

YIKES!!!! That's outrageous...just too cool!


that fez just needs a tassle and shriner emblem...

McTiki- thanks, it's coming along. A little more to go...

Amate- glad u like...

5150- yep, we r on the same page I see...

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