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Ba-Ba Bar, Notre-Dame du Bon-Conseil, Québec, Canada (bar)

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Name:Ba-Ba Bar
Street:1260, Chemin 4 Saisons
City:Notre-Dame du Bon-Conseil
Zip:J0C 1A0
country:Québec, Canada


I would like to present you to day the Ba-Ba Bar, in Notre-Dame du Bon-Conseil. I heard about that place from someone who lived in the area. I was really excited to find a new tiki bar in Québec! We arrived there, just right to an highway exit, and asked at the desk if they still had the "Hawaiian room". The clerk smiled strangely, suprised that the old "Ba-Ba Bar", as she named it, would interest someone. We walked in a narrow corridor and then, she opened an old red simili-leather padded door and it's at that moment that we discovered this place.

For a Motel/Gas station in the middle of nowhere, the atmosphere is suprinsingly tiki.
Yes, today they covered the floor with gray carpet and the chairs are from the 90's and not polynesian, and they put some neon lights, but we can feel the south ambiance that this place had one day.

The Orchids of Hawaii lamps are well preserved even if some fish lamps are broken. The walls are really cool, with bamboo and paper, but what creates the magic is the hole in the center of the roof.

Today this room is not daily active. You can rent the room for events and they serve asian cuisine. As the owner said, this room is about 40 years old and was decorated by "Madame Alice".

Well, it's not the Mai-Kai, but this place has somme well preserved tiki items and there is a scene for shows. That could be really interesting to rent that place to make a tiki convention in Québec! It's about 45 minutes from the Coconut in Trois-Rivières and it's equally far from Montréal and Québec City (about 1h30).

Thank you for watching this and happy new year,


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Tiki Quebec,

Awesome find, you must be thrilled at this in your own backyard! Did this place ever operate as a bar/restaurant or has it always been an event venue?



Yes, it was really exciting to find this bar! We asked the owner for old postcards, swizzles amd she had nothing. This bar is located in the Complexe le 4 Saisons.


I think it always have been a rent room, but it's not certain because the actual owners didn't know.

Thank you for your comments.



Dang! It's too bad about those chairs and tables! And the neon lights! Still, if I had a place like this in my neck of the woods I would not hesitate to find some excuse to rent it. The walls and lamps look great! and I love that vaulted ceiling!

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