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Notice to people who still use Yahoo!

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If you still use Yahoo for email or other groups check out the following:

from plastic:
"Slashdot brings news that Yahoo! is trying to pull a fast one on all its registered users." writes mrwarmth. "The site has automatically reset all of the marketing preferences of its registered users to 'yes' for all spam categories (and there are many). It doesn't matter ifyou turned all of these to 'no' when you signed up: they have all now been magically set to 'yes'. If you want to reverse this nefarious plot, access your Yahoo! account page, choose the link titled 'Edit Marketing Preferences', and select 'No' for all the resulting options. Be sure to scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page, and change the two options for receiving snailmail and phone solicitations. I just did this and the changes are indeed properly saved. Good luck!"

I got this off of plastic. I checked it out, and indeed all my marketing info had been set back to "yes".

It is pretty easy to change. like it says above:

-Click on Account info at the top of the page.
-Click on the "Edit your marketing preferences" link in the center of the page


If you want to tell your friends and otherwise spread the word, DO NOT link back to this page, just copy the text and email it ... This will reduce bandwith on the site.


Damn no wonder.... I was getting ready to start a new email address becuase of all those junk emails. Thanks for the info.


Thanks for the heads up! I checked my preferences and they hadindeed changed. I see a market for an applet that would ro out and check all your preferences and reset them if they are changed...


A friend of me warned me about this too. I checked my so-called marketing preferences and sure enough I was signed up for EVERYTHING!!!
Luckily I didn't give them my phone# or exact address but it was all very slimy nonetheless.


Funny how just TODAY I received a (and I quote) "Message from Yahoo! about changes to our Privacy Policy and your Marketing Preferences"
They say my "privacy is very important to them" and then later on they say...
"We have reset your marketing preferences and, unless you decide to change these preferences, you may begin receiving marketing messages from Yahoo! about ways to enhance your Yahoo! experience, including special offers and new features."
So much for privacy
btw, it states that these Marketing Preferences" won't go in effect for 60 days, so get in there now and reset them to "no" if you don't want them.

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