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tiki ottoman project (updated 07/09/03)

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Hey all,

Another project in the works. I am building two Tiki ottoman's for my lounge. I came up with the idea after looking and not finding anything to my liking.

This is what it looked like shortly after I started. It is comprised of 3/8" bending ply that is screwed around a circular disc at the bottom.

This is 4 of the tiki legs before sanding and finish work.

This photo shows the ottoman base after the 1/4" padding is applied and a "straw" fabric is attached over it. A black velvet liner similar to the inside lip will cover the entire inside when complete.

This is a pic of all 6 legs after sanding and staining. See if you can spot the various styles/artists.

I am still not finished but I am close. Here is a shot of the whole thing with the upholstery in place. The only thing that is missing is a single piece of curved 1" rattan that will attach around the base of the lid (you can see the visible staples in the fabric...those will be covered by the stained rattan)

This is a closeup of the custom stitched top that I made (yes I own a sewing machine and I can use it too)

This is a closeup of one of the legs after installation.

Above it all, they are comfortable and at just the right height.


[ Edited by: monkeyman on 2003-07-09 23:43 ]


Wow, that's very impressive so far! Great idea! Sorta reminds me of a really big version of one of the old scorpion bowls with the 3 tikis supporting it. Can't wait to see the finished product. Are you planning on upholstering it?

ModMana :drink:


It reminds me of this Trader Vic's vessel:


That it truly Zazz, MonkeyMan!
I think it looks really cool. The 3 different legs will look good, and also keep you from getting bored while carving!
Is the middle or top to be upholstered?



That is truly cool!!! I'm just imagining This Old Yankee Workshop kicking out designs like this?

Monkeyman, very nice! I love the way the tiki legs are coming out. Your first attempt at carving? Wow, great job!

Yes it will be upholstered. A woven grass thatch material on the sides and a brown velour on the top with a pineapple design stitched into it.

[ Edited by: Monkeyman on 2003-06-12 08:55 ]


Awsome, just awesome.

I don't know where to begin.

Ditto to all above comments...it's a great idea! I like the different legs. You seem to have natural carving ability.

Damn, Monkeyman...I believe carving is your destiny!

That Otto man has a tiki project and he didn't tell me!?!? Doesn't he know how FAMOUS I am!!



That is fantastic!

On 2003-06-12 08:54, Monkeyman wrote:
. . . and a brown velour on the top . . .

An excellent choice.


Sweet...no wait, I mean bitchen...no, um make that gnarly, dude, no....you're butter?

You're so tiki and you know it.


ARRRGGGGG! Shiver me' timbers that's one I'd walk the plank for!

Nice job!

Personally I think bigger is easier than smaller, if more time consuming. It's the log wrestling and skinning that's a pain in the ass.

Hey Monkeyman it was nice to meet you at Da Show. Those little guys are sweet! You've done an excellent job. I agree with BK, bigger is easier. BK- school's out 6/20 and then I'll start on it.

That's fine, fille. I know it'll be fantastic as usual...I'll send you some pics of some stuff soon, too.

Just showing you all some updates. Check out the new pics at the top of the thread.


On 2003-06-14 10:54, Cultjam wrote:
Sweet...no wait, I mean bitchen...no, um make that gnarly, dude, no....you're butter?

You're so tiki and you know it.

Took the words right out of my mouth CJ.
Monkeyman you are one talented primate my simian compadre.

MonkeyMan, with the talent that you are showing, this would be a time when it's okay to say.......You can quit your day job. Think about it. If you could sell 5 to 10 of your products a week........

Wow! What a great looking piece. When can I get one???!!!

I love this! Your very creative!

This could be the beginning of a whole line of Tiki furniture ... the couch is next!

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